Democrats Do A 180 On Presidential Papers

The House of Representatives stunningly (well, not really) voted to overturn an executive order that President Bush put in place soon after he took office in 2001.  I recall the action to be part of his ‘new tone’ in Washington.  He did it to squash the flood of inquiries  and petitions to delve into the just ended Clinton administration.    But, true to form, the current congress, now a democrat majority, wants to overturn that and claiming that it was done to protect his father’s administration, Bush 41.   Another attempt to re-write history.

The presidential papers bill nullifies a November 2001 order, criticized by historians, in which Bush allowed the White House or a former president to block release of a former president’s papers and put the onus on researchers to show a “specific need” for many types of records.

Among beneficiaries of the Bush order was Bush’s father, George H.W. Bush, a former vice president and president.

Lets see, who was president after Bush 41 and before Bush 43?  They somehow left out an important ‘beneficiary.’  And there’s this gem from Mr. Investigation himself, Henry Waxman, D-Calif., the lead sponsor of the bill.

“Historians and scholars need access to presidential records so that there’s an accurate record of a president’s term in office and not an alleged version based on what the president chooses to share.”

Henry please, where were you in 2001?  Who in their right mind can’t see that they want it overturned so they can pry into the current administration’s papers.  The ‘Bush lied people died’ crowd is destined to take their hatred to the grave. 

How quickly they forget. 

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