Neo-cons Fear Us

Pushing real hard for the most ridiculous item of the day, yet another example of the so-called ‘progressive’ movements’ twisted logic. In a Feb. 1, 2007 interview,  Air America radio co-host Mike Papantonio said “The truth is the neo-cons hate us and fear us and they rightly should.”

Papantonio does what all good progressives do. He prefers to shoot the messenger rather than to compete in the ideological marketplace by trying to silence anyone with whom he, apparently, fears and hates.  It’s much easier than actually debating the issues.  Take his February 27th show for example where he joins in an email and telephone campaign to CNN and ABC to get conservative talk radio show host and CNN TV show host Glenn Beck off the air.  Like this . . .

One of our listeners, Christopher Achorn, has posted an online petition to CNN, asking them to remove Glenn Beck from their Network. We encourage all of our listeners to please visit his site and sign his petition.
Contact ABC’s Good Morning America and tell them to fire Glenn Beck! You can also call ABC (212-456-8200 or 212-456-7777) and CNN (404-827-1500) and tell them to get this man off the air.

Who hates and fears who here? It is instructive and educational to see just what these people are all about, which is why I hope they stay on the air, even if they have to continue to pay radio stations to take their rabid programming.

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