Islamofascists Just Love Africa

All the pundits and politicians who think that leaving Iraq before Iraq can take care of themselves, should look at what the terrorists are doing in Africa, where they prey on weak governments, take them over, and breed.  Breed rape, mass murder, and more who will do the same.  Although they have territory, they don’t have a lot of cash.

The situation is Somalia is bad, but no where near as bad as Iraq will be if the terrorists were to be left to dominate there. 

Terrorists need money to do what they do.  If they had control of Iraq’s natural resources, their oil, then the terrorists would have a constant and huge cash flow.  Why, I bet they could buy whatever Russia, France, China, Iran, or North Korea have to sell.  To say that the Iraq war is all about oil is obfuscating the point.  It’s about oil as a money source for terrorists.  It’s about oil for a money source for the people who own it, the Iraqi people.  It’s NOT about oil for Bush, Cheney, and Halliburton.   Duh!

Disclaimer: The link is to a New York Times article so it’s truthfulness should be weighed against what you already know about Somalia and The New York Times.

Disclaimer: CNN International link on Sudan may not be the whole story either.  CNN has admitted to not publishing news favorable to the United States (Saddam’s Iraq) and in publishing terrorist propaganda videos.  It’s truthfulness should be weighed against what you already know about Sudan and CNN.

al-Reuters: Al Qaeda seeking nuclear kit for attacks

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