What About Fake Journalism Katherine Shaver?

“He has been called a faker by conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh” writes Katherine (Katie) Shaver.  Below is all I have to say about the FOX-Limbaugh brew ha-ha.  It’s a ‘comment’ I sent to Katie about her article.

Katie, Are you a little embarrassed by your premise? You should be. Apparently you have been listening to everyone but Rush. Is that what journalists do? Listen to critics instead of the source? Especially when the source is so easily accessible?

Rush’s reaction to Fox’s jittery-looking commercial was, exactly, that Fox was either acting or was off his medication. Fox IS an actor, and he does take meds for his condition. Comprende? That was just a normal reaction to what was seen. It was an aside, if you will, from Rush’s point, which was that the bill was disguised by its name as a stem-cell research bill when it was actually a cloning bill. It attempts to codify cloning by explicitly using the scientific term for the procedure in the State’s constitution. That was the point, which you missed.

You, Katie, are faking the truth. The truth, if you’re interested, like a journalist should be interested, can be found in the radio show’s transcripts. Now, if YOU want to say that all actors are fakers, that’s fine. Many in your profession are fake journalists. But to say Rush said something that he didn’t say, is just a lie that suits a purpose instead of a ‘journalistic’ piece.

Have a great liberal day.  Enjoy your anger towards conservatives. You deserve it.

He has been called a faker by conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh, and he withstands the gazes of hundreds of people as his lips tremble, a hand shakes or a foot jerks in a wild spasm.

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