Democrats Pull Armenian Genocide Resolution

Being generous in calling it the ‘genocide vote,’ the Christian Science Monitor reports the House resolution condemning Armenian genocide is being shelved because its passage “has stumbled on pragmatic concerns.” Pragmatic to what? A war maybe?

The sudden misgivings about a popular House resolution condemning as “genocide” the large-scale killings of Armenians more than nine decades ago illustrate a recurring tug of war in US foreign policy: when to take the moral high ground and when to heed the pragmatic realities of national interests.

And the idea of this vote being ‘popular’ says more about these democrats than it does about something that had already been done twice before.  To suggest that Congressional democrat leaders are only now, after the fact, considering the pragmatic realities of such a move demonstrates just how incompetent they are to run this country.

This legislative mischief, seemingly righteous and a long way from anyone’s congressional district, has the same echo of the cultural and political ignorance that followed the U.S. invasion into Iraq: good intentions brought down by hard realities no one ever thought about or expected.  A throwaway vote on a feel-good resolution has deeply insulted a steady ally, with grim consequences for the U.S. presence in Iraq. Access to an invaluable airfield could be yanked away.

Big lesson here is everybody sees just how far they would go for a political goal. It is what we could expect from another Clinton, or name your democrat, administration, because it’s what we are getting now.

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