Resolution Hurts War Effort, Helps Enemy

With the democrats proposing to have a resolution, ‘non-binding’ they’ll be sure to say, for the purpose of expressing their ‘no confidence’ on the President’s ‘surge’ plan, one wonders what the effect of such a vote would have on our troops, the war effort, and on our enemy if it were to occur? Simply, it would hurt the morale by showing non-support of and for the troops, and, it would offer hope to our enemy that they can prevail if democrats would have their way.

As a legislator, does it make any sense whatsoever to do something that would in one fell swoop, harm our troops and our war effort and help our enemy?

How about a resolution to win the war and defeat al-Qaeda and other terrorists around the world? Unity in fighting this war is more important to this country than whoever is in the White House. A concept which the current democrat leadership does not endorse.

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