100 Hours on ‘Democrat Clock’

Back to the point of not hearing anything from the MSM on the first 100 hours of the Democrat congress, here it is. Well, no it isn’t. AP calls it ‘Six for ’06’, which is the Democrats’ six-bill, 100-hour legislative agenda. Now there is an article, but none of the six legislative actions were listed. Here is what it is, and why it’s not being explained.

  1. Remove incentives from and increase taxes on the oil industry. Add dis-incentives (conservation fee) to oil production and exploration in the Gulf of Mexico.
  2. Raise the federal minimum wage.
  3. Implement some 9/11 commission recommendations.
  4. Expand embryonic stem cell research.
  5. Empower Medicare to ‘negotiate’ prices with the pharm industry.
  6. Lower interest rates on student loans.

Today, Democrats stood united to say that we have kept our promise to the American people, said Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-California.

She’s not referring to her promise of being partners, not partisans, with the minority. They were shut out of 100% of the 100 hours as far as input goes. There is this Democrat Clock that worked like this. . .

The Democrats’ clock, which counted only the time spent directly on the six bills, showed that 42 hours and 15 minutes had elapsed when the roll call ended on the last bill, energy legislation that would reimpose billions in fees, royalties and taxes on the oil industry.

What’s missing in the Democrats’ agenda?