First 100 Hours, Dems Treading Water

I haven’t been writing much lately.  Mainly because the Democrats still have nothing to say and I always knew what ‘cut and run’ was, and is.  Looks as though we’re in for a 2 year cruise of treading water in the manner that Clinton did for eight years.

Haven’t heard anything in the media about ‘the first 100 hours’ of the new Democrat majority congress.  100 hours being long gone now, working 20 hrs/wk it would take them 5 weeks to get to their first 100 hours.  So there’s still plenty of time.

What’s being ignored?

The obvious ones are winning the war-on-terror, economic policies like making the tax cut permanent, fixing Social Security, educational policies like allowing school choice via the school voucher program (No child left behind), real tort reform, earmark removal just to name a few.   The party has nothing to say about the issues they just ran on.  Oh that’s right, it was ‘Bush sucks.’