Google Gets Political

They refuse to run an ad that points out’s participation in campaigning against Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME). Oh really? Suddenly, Google is more than a platform. I don’t like what I’m seeing. Here’s the ad. What’s the problem? Wouldn’t have anything to do with their tax status as a non-political 501c would it? Well it should.  More at Michelle Malkin. has made Susan Collins their #1 target.

Senator Susan Collins has a long record of success, based on her ability to work across party lines to do what is right for this country. From healthcare to national defense, Susan Collins has taken a measured and moderate approach that has yielded an admirable record of bipartisan accomplishment.

Senator Collins has worked hard for the people of Maine, but now extreme contributors from the Far Left have decided to attack her. has contributed more money to her opponent than all of the presidential candidates combined, $250,000 already, more than a year before the 2008 election. They have run 9 attack ads against her, almost $1 million worth, including one featuring children dressed in military fatigues, forced to crawl under barbed wire.

General PetraeusWe’ve seen the destructive effect of’s dirty politics many times, including their recent outrageous attack on U.S. General David Petraeus in the New York Times.

Now and other extremists have focused on Susan Collins, and they are using the same ruthless methods they’ve always used. has decided that Susan Collins is their number one target for 2008. Your contribution of any size will help send a message to that their extreme, destructive political tactics will not be accepted.

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