Katie Couric’s Ratings At CBS

CBS is scratching their heads over why the perky one’s ratings are so dismal.  Still in denial over their poor choice, experts look for other reasons, like you.  You sexist, racist white guys don’t like hearing news from a woman.  So says CBS News Senior Vice President, Standards and Special Projects Linda Mason.

I’m just surprised at how, almost 30 years after I worked on the “Evening News” as the first woman producer, that Katie is having such a tough time being accepted by the public, which seems to prefer the news from white guys, and now that Charlie’s doing so well, from older white guys. I guess they want the reassurance of a Walter Cronkite.

Linda, could it just be a lightweight with an agenda that people do not want?  Katie’s brand is power legs and a stack of papers in her lap.  A far cry from Walter Cronkite.  I don’t see a racial component in this equation.  Seems to me they are also in denial about why they have a paucity of minority news readers on the air.  As for Katie, the Canadian cable news program called Naked News may be an option.  There is more diversity there than on CBS.

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