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Obama Losing Coalition Support On Syria

British Parliament In Special Session

Great Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron called a special session of Britain’s Parliament to discuss growing tensions in Sirya and President Obama’s call for military action over the use of chemical weapons, ostensibly used by the Syrian regime on its own people.

U.S. Congress On Vacation
U.S. Congress On Vacation

President Obama, on the other hand, demonstrating his lack of leadership in not calling Congress back from vacation for a special session, is now talking about going it alone. Without a coalition of willing partners and without involving Congress. And so far, without addressing the American people as to what our security interests in Syria are that justifies us getting involved militarily on our own. And also without explaining to the American people the possible consequences of a slap-in-the-face cruise missile attack.

A proposed attack with the potential targets being revealed to the world, including the Assad regime. A military strategist, he is not. Nor, apparently, are the people advising him.

It is this lack of leadership and President Obama’s vague, if not non-existent, strategy in the end-game with Syria that has caused all the coalition partners he had last week to drop out. Add NATO to the list of the unwilling. Instead of following the blind, they’ve taken the position to wait and see what the U.N. inspectors conclude about who it was that used the WMD’s outside of Damascus. So far, most people in the U.S. aren’t convinced that we are being threatened by Syria to the extent that we need to act unilaterally against them, not only at the expense of our credibility in the world, but at the expense of our ally Israel, who both Iran and Syria said will attack if the U.S. attacks Syria. And certainly not before knowing who will be taking over in Syria. Common thought now is if Assad goes down, alQaeda and company takes his place.

We’ve already seen it happen in Libya with alQaeda and their affiliates, and in Egypt with the Muslim Brotherhood. Is Obama’s ego worth turning over the rest of the middle east to radical Islam and possibly sacrificing the state of Israel?

The time to act militarily has long past. We’re not the world’s policeman and civil-war-country custodian. They’ll have to fight it out on their own, and kill each other until someone wins. Then, and only then, will we know who it is we’re dealing with.

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Economic Imbecile Has Company

It doesn’t do any good to know that the U.S. isn’t the only country blessed to have an economic imbecile as its president. France has one too!

French President François Hollande said this during a state visit to Japan . . .

You must understand that the crisis in the eurozone is over.

If only to serve notice that the global economic problem just got more complicated.

via François Hollande: the eurozone crisis is over | World news | The Guardian.

How Much Pain Do You Want? Update 3/23/2013

There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of economists that will tell you that if you want to see where we are headed if we don’t fix our cyprusw2-webfiscal house, all you have to do is look at Greece, Europe, and the EU. Just as many will also tell you that the “fix” for our exploding national debt and debt to GDP ratio will be harder to swallow the longer we wait for this “not immediate” crisis to become immediate.

How hard? Let’s look at what Cyprus is considering for their $7.5 billion EU bailout. They want to dip in to the checking accounts of depositors, charging them a tax on their insured deposits. Can you say “run on banks?”

Cypriot banks are holding $88 billion in deposits, including $49 billion in accounts of more than 100,000 euros. A “huge amount” for a country of 1.1 million people. Many of the biggest depositors are foreigners, including rich Russians, (Russian Mob money). President Putin is not happy about it.

Do you believe something like that could not happen here? Right now, there are ‘tax and spenders’ trying to figure out how they can get away with a “wealth tax.” Others have their eyes on your 401K and other retirement plans. Cyprus has their version. Don’t think for a minute that something like this isn’t on Mr. Fair-Share-Redistribution-of-Wealth-Social-Justice Obama’s mind. Why else would he say we don’t have a spending problem and instead have a revenue (not-enough-taxes) problem?

As part of the EU’s bailout, here’s what Cyprus is considering . . .

Those with under 100,000 Euros in their accounts are slated to receive a 6.6% haircut while those with more than 100,000 Euros in their accounts will be docked 9.9%.

Europeans know that the welfare state they made for themselves has become unsustainable. The fix for them now is causing rioting in the streets. There aren’t too many Americans still alive that remember the run on banks and the depression that followed. But if we’re not careful, if we don’t turn this ship around, we have a good chance of seeing history repeat itself.

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EPA, High Mileage Cars Not Permitted In U.S.

If there are only three or four cars capable of 70 mpg, the gas tax revenue shortfall angle is negligible. But not necessarily a limitation. There’s nothing stopping Washington from coming up with a new tax to replace half the gas tax revenue that would be lost by doubling the gas mileage (presuming every car in the country also doubles their mileage.) Or, just double the existing excise tax. Either way, the working poor will be hit the hardest.

The reason why a Volkswagen that gets 70 miles per gallon can not be sold in the United States is because of government regulation. The real reason is the emission standards as dictated by the EPA and the Obama administration. The penny-pincher on gas emits more ‘pollution’ than what the EPA allows. And the reason for that is the farcical man-made global warming BS coming from what is now known as the environmental movement. Wholly embraced by the Obama administration.

The EPA is one government agency that needs to be reduced to an advisory agency, not a regulatory agency. Congress is our regulatory agency. Or better yet, just eliminate the Environmental Protection Agency and save $8.3 billion a year without them. In ten years time, and without the idiotic baseline budgeting scheme, that represents a saving of $83 billion dollars.

Ilegal Immigration Threatening France

Whether from ignoring illegal immigration, as is the official position of the Obama administration with their Mexican Dream Act, or by an open border agreement in the EU, the problems remain the same. No assimilation, and overloading of support systems.

A wave of immigrants who began arriving in Italy and southern Europe following the Arab Spring last year has put the  27-year-old zone under unprecedented pressure. French president Nicolas Sarkozy yesterday threatened to wreck the European free travel zone unless there is a new pact to cut down on illegal immigration.

Link: France could quit EU open borders deal because of illegal immigration, warns Sarkozy

Today’s Special, Daniel Hannan At CPAC

Listen to the advice from someone who has been there. Where ‘there’ is the place where President Obama is taking this country. This video shows what this writer, and I’m not alone on this point, was saying about the Obama administration two years ago.

Essentially, they are heading the country southbound in the northbound lane. And instead of advising him to turn around, they’re telling him to speed up. And before too long, this great country will be in the same shape as Greece, Great Britain, Spain, Italy, and the rest of them.

Hon. Daniel Hannan, Member of European Parliament


Finland Elects First Conservative President In Five Decades

President elect Sauli Niinisto will be the first president from the conservative National Coalition Party since 1956, and the first in 30 years from a party other than the center-left Social Democrats.

The 63-year-old took 63 percent of the votes, compared to 37 percent for his rival, Greens candidate Pekka Haavisto, official results showed with 100 percent of ballots counted.

Link: Conservative wins Finland presidential vote

Hungary Bonds Hit Junk Status

The Euro zone is in trouble. Hungary pulled the sale of their public debt in three-year bonds. Could not afford the yields over nine percent. Meanwhile, Standard & Poor’s downgraded Hungary’s bonds to junk status.

‘Too big to fail’ is one thing. Try this, ‘Too big to save.’

The teachable moment here is, unless we turn this ship around, you’re looking at our future by looking at the economic situation in Europe today. Good too for the Brits continued refusal to adopt the ‘solution’ the European Union has in mind. It’s best not to board a ship while it is sinking. Besides, they have their own problems.