Paradox In Pensacola

In reference to a post a couple days ago entitled Pensacola Welcomes World, wherein the subject was about a survey of young people who believe Pensacola is a loser of a city. I happen to disagree. I mean there are things here that could use improving, mostly in a political sense. But the city, the beach, the people, for the most part is fine. Then again, I’m not among the generation that was polled.

So I quickly became amused when in today’s paper I see another ‘Best of’ survey is being done by the Pensacola News Journal. That wasn’t what was amusing to me. What was amusing to me were the categories. I ask you, does this look like a community in distress?

  • Best Massage
  • Best Facial
  • Best Pampering for the Day
  • Best Hair Salon
  • Best Nail Salon
  • Best Tanning Salon

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