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Welcome Home Soldier: Manny Alvarez

Pensacola welcomes home Army Major Manuel Alvarez from the Iraq/Iran border area. And Troy Manny Alvarez, 44, a Pensacola attorney, returned a few weeks ago after a year in Iraq and is back at work at the firm of Conroy, Simberg, Ganon, Krevans & Abel. He practices insurance defense and workers' compensation. Moon at the Pensacola News Journal interviewed Manny on making the transition from being in Iraq to being back at his law office. But along the way, Manny tells us what is bothering him now that he is back.

“You turn on the news and hear people say we’re losing the war, and that’s not true,” he said. “The people who are saying those things are scholars, politicians and talking heads who never spent a day doing

the job I did. It just disappoints me. I saw Iraqis killed, there are American soldiers killed. So when I hear the news media, it’s a slap to their faces.”

Alvarez said that the insurgency is weakening in Iraq. “The media don’t show that we’re eliminating a lot of insurgents,” he said. “We’re killing them wholesale. But all the media shows is our guys being killed.”

An immigrant himself, Alvarez knows first-hand what fighting for freedom is all about. What is disappointing is that there are too many Americans who don’t know that our freedom needs defending. Defending from Islamofascists and not George Bush.

Showing the measure of the man, a hero in my book, and a great American, Alvarez says this about how he does it . . .

Alvarez said there were close calls in Iraq “all the time,” and some of the Iraqi soldiers he worked and lived with lost their lives in battle, just as Alvarez was prepared to do. The premise I work with is that sacrifice is giving up something good for something better,” he said. “That’s what someone told me a long time ago, and I tried to remember that when times got difficult. You try to remember what moves you forward.

Pensacola News Journal link

Republicans Hate Immigrants Says goLeftTV

On the forefront of what they call progressive news, goLeft.tv1 host Farron Cousins discusses the passage of Homeland Security-related bills that pertained to the 9/11 Commission’s report. Adding that Republicans hate immigrants. Being a life-long republican, that’s news to me.

“Since Republicans seem to hate immigrants for some reason” is his explanation for the addition of $3 billion to provide for adequate border security. Because Republicans want “to keep new people from coming into the country to experience the American dream.”

“Progressives”2 can not distinguish between legal aliens and illegal aliens. Or they won’t. And that’s dangerous. It also gives them the so-called moral authority to say that Republicans hate immigrants. In their world, there are no borders so there are no illegal aliens. And that’s dangerous.

Then there’s the propensity to demagogue all issues to a political advantage and say outrageous stuff like republicans hate immigrants. But that’s not unusual for the rants of Mike Papantonio and other progressives.

1 is a production of Air America radio host and BIG LAW trial attorney Mike Papantonio of Levin-Papantonio, Pensacola, FL.

2 a new label to replace “liberal”, Progressives On Parade

You have to see what the left is up to. The things they believe. This is what they call ‘progressive’ politics. Nice word, but that’s about it as far as anything progressive from this bunch. Please don’t take my word for it. See and hear it, in their own words.

The Mainstream Media Is Dead: The mainstream media is controlled by religious neo-cons. And the neo-cons created class warfare. They stole the key to the Supreme Court. Neo-cons got rid of the Fairness Doctrine. Capitalism is bad, unless it is regulated by government. Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter (who doesn’t even have a radio program) are monopolizing political speech. George Bush is committing murder in Iraq. He has learned that America is calling for ‘progressive talk’ radio. And like the civil rights movement, he sees Air America radio gathering steam and succeeding.

Pap on Fox and Friends- Iraq: You can’t tell soccer moms and NASCAR dads that we’re in Iraq for a good reason. No WMD’s. Saddam had nothing to do with 9/11. (yawn) Can’t quite grasp the concept that a free and secure Iraqi government will deny al-Qaeda a safe haven which will make everyone else in the world safer. Of course, he doesn’t believe that al-Qaeda is in Iraq so from his standpoint, it’s a no-brainer. No pun intended. After criticizing everything about the Bush administration over Iraq, ‘Papantino’ (Papantonio) was asked only one question. You’ve criticized the administration’s plan, what is the Democrat’s plan? Which he didn’t answer. And won’t even answer on his website.

Media Fails on Iraq War: Dick Cheney put out orders that anyone shooting at us are to be called al-Qaeda. al-Qaeda in Iraq is completely false. And the media carries this message for Bush. And the military generals are under the same orders. It’s all a conspiracy.

The Toxic GOP: The GOP has poisoned 70,000 Katrina victims. And covered it up. Here’s where the class action lawyer-speak really shines. You can tell he is experienced in the class action and medical malpractice profit centers. Apparently he feels that if someone else was president that the manufactures of the FEMA trailers would have made them with different carpeting. He blames ‘the shrub’ (that his name for Bush) for that.

Open Letter To Sam Hall

Sorry to hear that you have become THE news item of the day. And even longer. No doubt the traffic on the blog has increased a bit. 🙂

If you’re like me, you don’t worry about things that you have no control over, so for me to say “don’t let it worry you” would not be necessary. You are on the right side of this issue from where I sit.

The whole brew ha ha in the media, with the parade of city managers, people with titles, subordinates of the city manager, does nothing if not justify your position and that of the good people in District 2. It is a win win. It’s a win from your position in the first place because you were honestly representing your constituents. And, it is validated by the fact that your opponents in this ‘mountain out of a molehill’ story seem to focus all their efforts attacking you while ignoring the problem. This sounds familiar.

To atone, I’d like to see a second parade of these same officials back in front of the camera for the sole purpose of addressing the concerns of the citizens with not a word about you. But I wouldn’t hold my breath for that to happen.
Best regards,
Ross Calloway

City Manager Shoots The Messenger

Here’s some local humor that has the shorts of Pensacola City Manager Tom Bonfield and some of his employees in a bunch. Bonfield says city councilman Sam Hall is uninformed. By all means, inform us.

Question: “What is white, shaded and sleeps three?”

Answer: “A city truck.”

Bonfield is perfectly entitled to disagree with Hall or anyone else on anything. Whining about it to the mayor and city council reveals a lot about him.

Pensacola News Journal link | Sam Hall, Government-by-Complaint | RicksBlog

My expanded comments from Sam’s blog below. . .

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Morning Joe, That Went Well

The MSNBC morning show called Morning Joe had some real fireworks in the studio Wednesday morning. Co-host Mika Brzezinski had more respect for the show than to have the lead story be Paris Hilton waltzing out of county jail. I’m on her side with that. I don’t watch the show, but as the video shows, Mika Brzezinski refused to read it and explained her reason. She became increasingly furious over two things, the producer’s insistence that she read the stupid story, and Joe telling her to “read the story” and telling her she’s not a real journalist because of her refusal to do the story to ‘get control of your life.’ ON THE AIR

It made for some intense television. I agree with her point, and Joe should have backed her on it. Yea, Mika did seem to lose it on the air. Watching the video, you wonder how she managed to not bitch-slap Joe and the guy who snatched the lighter from her. She tried to burn the script. Too much coffee maybe, but she didn’t deserve the derogatory comment that Scarborough made to her, and more than once. And what’s the problem with the producer of the show if they don’t lead off with that stupid story? Will something bad happen? Is the 24 yr old airhead demographic so important for MSNBC that real news gets bumped?

Neo-cons Fear Us

Pushing real hard for the most ridiculous item of the day, yet another example of the so-called ‘progressive’ movements’ twisted logic. In a Feb. 1, 2007 interview,  Air America radio co-host Mike Papantonio said “The truth is the neo-cons hate us and fear us and they rightly should.”

Papantonio does what all good progressives do. He prefers to shoot the messenger rather than to compete in the ideological marketplace by trying to silence anyone with whom he, apparently, fears and hates.  It’s much easier than actually debating the issues.  Take his February 27th show for example where he joins in an email and telephone campaign to CNN and ABC to get conservative talk radio show host and CNN TV show host Glenn Beck off the air.  Like this . . .

One of our listeners, Christopher Achorn, has posted an online petition to CNN, asking them to remove Glenn Beck from their Network. We encourage all of our listeners to please visit his site and sign his petition.
Contact ABC’s Good Morning America and tell them to fire Glenn Beck! You can also call ABC (212-456-8200 or 212-456-7777) and CNN (404-827-1500) and tell them to get this man off the air.

Who hates and fears who here? It is instructive and educational to see just what these people are all about, which is why I hope they stay on the air, even if they have to continue to pay radio stations to take their rabid programming.

The Ring-Of-Fire Is The Pot Calling The Kettle Black

Have you heard that Air America Radio is in bankruptcy?  Not a big deal you know.  Businesses come and go based on their success.  But for Mike Papantonio, board member of Air America Radio and host of AAR’s ‘Ring of Fire’ radio program (I think it’s one hour a week), it must be a big deal. Into AAR for over $600,000, not counting his ‘state-of-the-art’ broadcast studio in Pensacola, Papantonio says he is not a creditor, but rather an investor.

Aside from being an investor in Rabid Radio, he also is loose with the truth.  His animosity towards Rush Limbaugh seems to be his only motivation to continue to be an ‘investor’ in Rabid Radio.  And telling lies in order to utter his name and maybe catch one or two more listeners is more important than his credibility.

Case in point ishis latest ‘Pap Attack’.  In this Pap Attack, did I say attack?  That’s right I did.  That’s what he calls it himself.  Anyway, in this clip, he uses Limbaugh’s name several times as though he is even in the same league, by denouncing the White House’s ‘media day’ as a hate radio gathering with Limbaugh, and other conservative talk-radio hosts.  Give one listen to this clip and you tell me who the hate monger is.  As usual, there is no substance, only a lot of creative pejoratives and insults and crap directed at conservatives, Bush, and talk-radio.  The latter of which he knows apparently little about.

The lie?  What would he have said about ‘media day’ if he knew that Rush Limbaugh was not there nor was he invited to be there?  Spoken like a real class-action attorney.  Sounded great, but not true.

Economics 101 would suggest a correlation between ‘no credibility’ and ‘no money.’  Business 101 would suggest having a product doesn’t mean anyone will buy it. OK, but that’s all the help they’re going to get from me.

Hate Radio Goes To Washington” by Mike Papantonio

Belly up to the counter. Politics are on the menu and Ross is on the grill.