Today’s GOP Needs A Lynching

That the RNC and establishment republicans can’t stand the thought of an outsider like Trump gaining favor with the folks, and even attracting some from the opposition party and independents, tells a lot about what they are all about and where their priorities are. They are not about the folks. “The folks” are supposed to do, follow, and vote the way they want. That’s not the way a republic works.

Juleanna Glover, a prominent Republican communications consultant, told Reuters that Trump’s ascent “spells the death of the party’s sentient and cohesive governing framework.”

Exactly! One can only hope. Precisely because the GOP’s “sentient and cohesive governing framework” got us a party that does nothing but grease the skids for the other party’s agenda, debt, deficits, open borders, not enforcing immigration laws, tying the hands of ICE so they can’t do their job, and so much more. Strategizing and spending campaign money to defeat your own team is suicide. The GOP as it is today, needs to prepare to get hung from the nearest tree, and, be ready to lead a conservative movement that the people demand.

It is obvious that the pledge the RNC wanted all the candidates to sign was for everyone, but them.

The days of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory are over. “We the people” are not sheeple any more.

Link: Trump’s march stirs growing sense of dread among Republicans