Ramadan Ends Friday

As the Ramadan holiday ends Friday, July 17, the time to get extra special rewards for killing infidels comes to a close.

In celebration of the end of Ramadan, I’ve been thinking about just how restaurants can recognize such an event. Taking into account how our troops in predominantly Muslim countries have had restrictions placed on their eating, I think it only proper to reciprocate, in this, a predominately non-Muslim country.

Here’s a few I came up with.  You have any to add?

MO Ribs For Mohammed, get a side of ribs free with a regular order. Friday Only!

Say the secret word “Allahu Akbar” and BOGO on any Pork platter or sandwich. Friday Only!

Free Bacon for anyone named Muhammad. Must show picture ID to qualify. Friday Only!

Wendy’s is in no way responsible for this use of their video. I am.



Getting nuked is for losers . . .


Link: U.S. Troops Face Eating, Drinking Restrictions During Ramadan