Ideological Bigotry?

Here’s a little education for the Progressives on the left whose ideology allows them to be the biggest bigots in town, and who think communist oppression is OK. Like those on the Ring of Fire. Yes, it’s those “old throwback Miami Cubans.”

For Progressives, being young has its advantages. Especially when their idea of history begins 18 years after they were born. That way, it’s easy to ignore why the trade embargo was put in place on Cuba in the first place. And, was codified into law as recently as 1996.

In yet another move around Congress, President Obama is easing the embargo. Or to put it another way, is helping the Castro regime to oppress its people using U.S. dollars.

In Cuba, the oppression continues. The government still controls all economic enterprise. For the Castro brothers, doing the same thing over and over did get a different result. It’s called Barack Obama. For Barack Obama, keeping the embargo in place didn’t get the communist regime to get right on human rights in Cuba. So he thinks funding it with American money is better. What? That’s the liberal mindset.

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