O Happy Day!

Great job to the Navy Seals that sent bin Ladin right past his 70 virgins (with beards). That’s what I’m talking about! A bullet in his head, chest, arm, foot, knee, leg, hand, his other leg, knee, foot, arm, and hand. Next clip.

Looking back, it makes me wonder if the suicide bombing in December 2009 was part of the trail that led up to today’s news. It certainly was a good day for CIA director Leon Panetta.

On December 30, 2009 Hammam Kahlil Abu-Aulal al-Balawi detonated a bomb strapped to himself at the Forward Operating Base Chapman in Khwost, Afghanistan near the Pakistan border.

Two other CIA operatives were ambushed and killed in 2003 under then CIA director George J. Tenet.

They did not die in vain. NONE of our fighting men and women died in vain.

I’m a little more low-key than some about the news that bin Laden was brought to room temperature. It no doubt brought a sense of justice to the residents of the D.C. and New York areas to take to the streets like they did.

I’d say good. He’s dead. Wouldn’t you like to see his head held up, about 5 feet from his body? I mean, if you want to relate to this enemy, you have to learn to speak their language. I think they understand beheadings.

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