Health Department Closes Bayou Texar, Again

The Health Department has again closed Bayou Texar because of unsafe levels of fecal bacteria. Only now, they’re not even using the F word. Apparently it has become trivial enough to just call it ‘bacteria.’

The alert was issued after weekly sampling revealed the level of bacteria has exceeded the level established by state guidelines.

Additionally, a health alert remains in effect for Bayou Chico at Lakewood Park.

The Heath Department advises against any water-related activities in these locations.

I’d say that having shitty water ranks right up there with tar balls wouldn’t you? Especially since the Health Department closes Bayou Texar several times a year. For decades now. Yet, for whatever reason, the political class in Pensacola doesn’t seem to mind. And the environmental groups like the Emerald Coastkeepers and the Riverkeepers don’t care either.

Let’s be sure to put that in the ads to lure vacationers down here. “Visit Pensacola, You’ll like our shit!”

The department will continue to monitor the water quality in these areas weekly. For more information, call the Escambia County Health Department at 595-6786.

OK, so we know the Health Department is doing its job by telling us when we should not go in the water. But what are the politicians for?

Link: Health alert for Bayou Texar

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