No Federal Budget For 2011

As far as running any enterprise goes, let alone the country, making a budget is something you do. Where the country is concerned, the 2011 budget was due last October. That is to say, before the mid-term election.  President Obama gets an F for failing to do his job. There is no budget and no plans to make one. The talk now is about the 2012 budget. The president intends on flying by the seat of his big-spending pants with continuing resolutions for the rest of the year.

I’m not making excuses for the community organizer, but the fact is that had he submitted a budget that included doubling the size of government like he has done and increasing the debt like he is planning to do, the mid-term elections would have included a new majority party in the senate as well.

Is there no one left to hold this statist of a president to account?

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12 thoughts on “No Federal Budget For 2011”

  1. Yawn. When you make a compelling argument based on something substantial worth even arguing… Maybe I’ll address it. Meh… You can believe what u want its become largely immaterial to me. I know the objective reality and truth.

    1. Oh really? The last 4 paragraphs seem to say otherwise. That article also explains WHY Democrats are sitting on their hands with the 2011 budget as well as the fact that they have not approved a budget in (at that time) over 1000 days. Thanks for the confirming link.

  2. Again, not true. McConnell told the Senate Repubs to attack it, he told the media he was actively working to defeat it. That by doing so they could hold off until the new congress was sworn in and offered his own one page spending CR that would hold it off to Feb 18.

    All this while claiming that is was unfair that they kept the bill and its design to themselves until late Nov early Dec as if they would not do the exact same thing. All the Dems could offer was a budget full of earmarks, I’m sure not much different than we’ll see out of the cons for 2012… but they did offer one. All the cons have done or offered is to defund and take apart anything that serves to give the Dems the same things they themselves have from their own programs and media outlets. I’m positive the Dems would do the same thing.

    It’s the old urban legend that Coke and Pepsi are really the same company, only this is real and its not a joke. They all work for the same Lobby money and their own reelections and anyone who fools himself into thinking his voice matters more than that money/election, than those lobbyists is a fool and there is no shortage of those fools. It’s a sellers market.

  3. Fact is, there was no filibuster either. Sen. Reid wouldn’t put it on the floor for discussion. Preventing the R’s from even having the chance to debate it or filibuster it. Reid chose to hold onto it. Remember Nancy Pelosi ‘deeming’ it passed after Harry sat on it for awhile?

    That’s why no budget was passed. That’s why the CR’s.

  4. My issue primarily is that your putting all the blame on one side, which simply is not factual. I am not for either side frankly. The blame here belongs equally to both. I think they should used any means necessary to stop what happened with the numerous CRs and passed a budget even if it was just a complete acceptance of Obama’s budget. Even more so I find the infighting over policy and a measly 38 billion to be nothing short of offensive. Entitlements need to be cleaned up, taxes need to be raised, tax cuts dropped, defense cuts, and two wars ended, corporate taxation needs to be rectified greatly and the cuts given to them should be going to small businesses. Yet all these people care about, is getting voted in and splitting this country into two sides where one side or the other must live under the other sides ideals and philosophies wholly without any compromise or meshing.

  5. Insulting me will not make you right. You obviously do not understand how congress works at all. If they cant get 60 votes for cloture, then they cant stop a filibuster. In 09 they had to use cloture over 100 times. Once Brown was in there was no cloture for them. So having the majority is not useful if your being filibustered by 41 senators. Hence how they voted in healthcare reform, though the Cons used that exact method themsleves in the years previous. However, they would not do that with the budget because that would be political suicide.

    Maybe it is you that needs to read what I am saying slowly, as if that make it more fact based. There was budget released by the White House and therefor Obama for 2011 on Feb 1, 2010. That is a fact. Whether Congress accepted it or rejected it has nothing to do with Obama or the White House, it has to do with Congress. CR’s are a result of congress only being able to agree enough to pass them but not a full budget, BECAUSE they cannot agree on one. If they really wanted to both sides could have accepted Obamas budget from Feb and passed that. Of course, they were not going to do that so really they are to blame for this by holding it up using a technique they should not have been using.

    I take it your reference to the 2010 budget is the lack of any Republican votes and the debate. Once again, you can try this reading slow yourself since I get what your saying and even how your saying it but its hard for me to block out reality long enough to make it fit what your saying. In 2010, they could not be filibustered, as I just got done explaining. Thats how you block Legislation you do not like, especially if your whole party does not like it. Again, read historical high uses of a filibuster. This made it impossible to get a lot of the things they wanted to pass out after that seat was lost and why the Cons celebrated that very thing and the CR’s as a win for their side.

  6. Write back when you think you know what you’re talking about OK? Try this, regardless of ‘Kennedy’s seat,’ Democrats had the majority in both houses and the White House. There is no reason whatsoever that a budget, or anything for that matter, could not have been passed. Especially a budget.

    Again, and read this slow if you have to in order to understand what I’m saying. If there were a budget, there would be no CR’s.

    Just for giggles, post a link to the Thomas Register or any news source where the 2010 budget was passed by congress and signed into law by the president.

  7. Thats just not true. There is a budget that was presented by the President and thus the White House on Feb 1, 2010. The president, nor the “white house”, can pass bills or budgets, that is the responsibility of congress. Lets be clear about how it “failed” as well. Having lost the Kennedy seat, the Republicans proceeded to use the filibuster (in 2010) more times than in any year before in US history and that resulted in a slew of continuing resolutions starting in Sept 2010 and bringing us through today. He released the 2012 budget on Feb 14, 2011.

  8. It there was a budget, we wouldn’t be all wrapped up in CR’s. The Democrat controlled House and Senate and White House failed to present and pass a budget last year. Exactly as I said above.

  9. Just so you know, Obama released his budget for 2011 on Feb 1, 2010. You show much when you ignore the problem that all of the politicians are corrupt under lobby money, even the Tea Party candidates who expected revolution while being backed essentially by wall street. Any faith in this system is a useless waste of time and a great show of ignorance.

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