Obama, What Egyptians Want . . .

Bill O’Reilly interviewed President Obama prior to the Super Bowl game on Sunday. The interview began with what is going on in Egypt. O’Reilly asked President Obama ‘Mubarak, is he going to leave soon?’  Obama said that the Egyptian people want a representative government, one that is responsive to them. They want more freedom, and they want free and fair elections.

Too bad O’Reilly did not ask what started the rioting in the first place. And why it came as a surprise? Egypt is in the crisis that it is in because they want jobs. The rioting in Egypt and the move to end the 30 year reign of Hosni Mubarak is because their economy is in the tank. Unemployment of the largest sector of their population, under 30, is seventy percent. Everything else that Obama said is secondary.

It’s not surprising that Obama did not mention that it is jobs that Egyptians really want. Creating jobs is something he doesn’t know much about.

Link: Obama: Egyptians Won’t Permit a Repressive Government to Fill Mubarak Void