Quran Burning Day, Misquided

No doubt that Rev. Terry Jones, the minister of a so-called church (in Florida no less) is out to get some publicity. Regardless of the fact that doing so will only stir up emotions among the good Muslims or those ‘on the fence’ in being on the right side of the war on terror, this fool is hell-bent on doing it. There is also no doubt that he can do it, legally. The same as that Imam Rauf guy can build a mosque in a building that was hit in the 9/11 attack, making it actual ground zero. But in both cases it would be wrong and insensitive to do it. Chaulk it up to having a secular government with inherent freedoms.

Gen. David Petraeus expressed concern that this Quran burning party would endanger U.S. troops in theater. More than they are already in danger. Also no doubt, the General has a point. But let’s face it. The enemy there is and always will be our enemy until they either surrender or die. Not burning a Quran is not going to change that fact. And given the motivation of those radical Islamists, who betray Islam, the best thing the General can do is kill them. War is about killing people and breaking things. The responsibility to ‘finish them’ belongs to the Commander in Cheif. Think that will happen?

Also, have you noticed the same people who ran in front of the camera in support of that Imam are missing with respect to Rev. Jones? Same issue, rights and freedom. But like the proposed ground zero mosque, just because it could be done, doesn’t mean it should be done. Rev. Jones needs to get a grip, same as Rev. Wright needs to get a grip. Both are preaching and fomenting hate. One is a race bigot, the other a religious bigot.

There is an opportunity and a role that the media could play in this sick display planned by Rev. Jones. They could flat-out ignore him. Ignore him in print and on TV. That would be acting responsibly.

Also acting responsibly would be to deal with the real issues of oppressive Muslim society where it comes to stoning a woman in Iran. THAT ought to be front-page, above the fold. Not this jerk in Florida.

This undated file image made available by Amnesty International in London on Thursday, July 8, 2010, shows Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, a mother of two who was sentenced to death by stoning in Iran on charges of adultery. Ashtiani is now facing a new punishment of 99 lashes because a British newspaper ran a picture of an unveiled woman mistakenly identified as her, the woman’s son said Monday. (AP Photo/Amnesty International, File)

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