Special Session For ‘Jobs Bill’

The House is back in a special session to vote on a $26 Billion spending bill to temporarily bail out labor unions. Paying for it by raising taxes and raiding the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. That would be the food-stamp program.

The labor unions on the receiving end are the teachers unions and the AFSCME, American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees.  Not coincidentally, ‘ two key components of the Democrats’ political base whose get-out-the-vote efforts in November could determine whether they hold or lose control of Congress.’

This $26 Billion of new spending will not create one job nor stimulate job creation. All while there is still over $350 Billion of so-called stimulus money that still has not been allocated. Can you say ‘slush fund?’ It’s the Chicago way.

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One thought on “Special Session For ‘Jobs Bill’”

  1. Let’s see Obama bails out unions… NEA, largest
    union, attacks FairTax candidates… using
    $15 million in mid-term elctions to wrongly
    label the FairTax …

    The FairTax is a non-partisan organization
    seeking funds from Americans wanting to
    end income taxation completely.

    Support those candidates that support the FairTax

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