html wizard wanted

If I may leave politics for a moment and enlist the help of somebody a lot smarter than I in the poetry of code called html.

Here’s my challenge, or request.

There’s this plugin that is activated here but isn’t working where I want it to work. It was written to work in the sidebar, and it works as advertised when I use it there. But I don’t want to use it there. I want it to work in my LINKS page, which is a blogroll fashioned inside a table.

What it does, when it works correctly, is it will read 4 or 5 post titles if you mouseover a link and that link happens to have an rss feed. If it does, then the last 4 or 5 post titles will appear in a little popup box and they will be clickable to go right to that post.

Problem is I can’t get the author’s ‘fix’ to work, and I’m guessing it is because the links are inside a table ? but I don’t know.

According to the plugin author, it’s a simple (yeah right) matter of putting a span class statement before, and an end class statement after, each link.

I can’t show you his ‘fix’ here because it doesn’t show up. For the details, I’ll refer you to his blog’s forum where you can see the relevant code.

If you think you know what the heck he’s talking about and can show me how to implement it, please let me know. It’s worth at least a few cheesesteaks to me.

UPDATE 11/15/2010: NEVERMIND: I gave up on it and moved the blogroll back to the margin on the home page where it was designed to work.

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