What SAT Scores Show

The 2009 SAT scores show a drop by 1 point in reading and writing. Math held steady. Not good, but not exactly the end of the world either.

Average scores on the SAT college entrance exam dipped slightly for the high school class of 2009, while gender, race and income gaps widened, according to figures released Tuesday by the College Board.

The average SAT score dipped from 502 last year to 501 on the critical reading section of the test. Math scores held steady at 515, and writing fell from 494 to 493. Each section has a maximum score of 800.

But, when you break the scores down by ethnicity, the results are pretty disturbing. Especially if you are black.

That the educational system expects less and therefore gets less from blacks is evident in this graph. This has got to change. It makes for a perpetual excuse for more money for education.  At some point we have to ask  ‘what for?’

Those three groups ought to be level. Assigning this failure to the students is nothing more than the soft bigotry of low expectation. Generally speaking, you get what you expect. And the educational system needs to look to themselves to solve this problem and start expecting more.

link: SAT scores dip for high school class of 2009

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