Is It Really About Health Care?

Polls show most Americans want lower health care costs. Polls also show most Americans are satisfied with the health care plan they currently have. That’s why the Obama administration has shifted the focus to health insurance instead.

This administration is hopping from one bogus justification for socializing nearly 20% or our private sector to the next, hoping that something will stick.

He started by saying that the economy can not recover unless his health care plan, H.R. 3200, is passed first. That the health care industry is the cause for our economic woes. A ridiculous assumption that the media never questioned. How serious could Obama be about reducing the cost of health care when tort reform remains conspicuously missing?

Then, the economy is in such dire straits that this bill has to be passed right away. Right away, as in before anyone finds out what’s in it.

And to a different audience he says Americas factories are ‘coming back to life.’  “We have stopped the freefall . . . [t]he market is up and the financial system is no longer on the verge of collapse. . . We’re losing jobs at half the rate we were when I took office six months ago. . . We may be seeing the beginning of the end of the recession.”

Playing both sides of the issue has been perfected in the Democratic party. While the Obama media sits by and marvels at it.

From what the President is saying, it sounds to me that the best thing he could do for the economy now is to stop the deficit spending.  Aside from seeking private sector solutions to reducing health care costs and increasing availability, saving 90% of  the ‘stimulus’ spending (only 10% of it has been spent so far) would be the best thing he could do to help the economy.