Employee Free Choice Act, Part Two

The Employee Free Choice Act, which passed in the House but failed to pass in the Senate last year, is gaining steam again in the context of Barack Obama’s campaign.

This anti-free choice legislation passed the House. However, it failed to clear the Senate, where it obtained only 51 votes, nine short of what’s required to defeat a filibuster.

With the Democrats possibly in a position to gain nine or so Senate seats this year, the AFL-CIO has made anti-free choice legislation its number one election priority. Donald Lambro reports in the Washington Times that organized labor will spend (it is estimated) upward of $300 million in this year’s presidential and Congressional elections — much of it promoting the card-check bill and tying it to its Democratic supporters.

The Employee Free Choice Act has nothing to do with our national interest and everything to do with labor union interests. It is a bill to enhance union organization and membership by eliminating the private ballot. When was the last time you voted using a public ballot, where people will see how you voted when you vote? It flies in the face of the democratic process. And is totally supported by the Democrat(ic) party.

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