Hamas, Regulars With Obama Advisor

We know what Sen. Barack Obama thinks about talking to Hamas when he said Jimmy Carter should not have talked to Hamas on his freelance visit to the Middle East recently. So you might be surprised at this headline at Timesonline, ‘Barack Obama sacks adviser over talks with Hamas.’ Seems his Middle East policy adviser was no stranger to Hamas.

For Barack Obama, it’s just another straw for general election camel’s back.

related link: Timesonline story

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0 thoughts on “Hamas, Regulars With Obama Advisor”

  1. There’s Rev. Wright, Fr. Pfleger, Rezko, talk with no preconditions with Ahmadinejad and other world despots, no executive experience, a first term senator with no evidence of working with ‘the other side,’ rated the most liberal senator, for a few more straws.

    Almost forgot, Barack said he would bomb Pakistan unilaterally and months before their election. Frightenly inexperienced in foreign relations AND the war on terror. Another straw. No, that’s two.

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