What Are Democrats Waiting For?

My senator, Bill Nelson (D-FL), is home and asking for citizen input. If your senator has not yet asked for your input, be proactive and let him/her know what you want them to do.

First of all, if your mailbox was like that of your pal Mel Martinez (R-FL) over the attempt to stuff that immigration bill down our throats, that should be enough to tell you that you were wrong to support that upside-down bill. Mel has shown that he can vote on matters contrary to the wishes of his constituents. That is not being a representative of the people. You didn’t do that too did you?

I favor legal immigration only.

I favor winning the war on terror, including the Iraqi front in this war. You should publicly denounce your colleagues who continually pump up the enemy with their defeatist rants of how bad Bush is and how bad our soldiers are and how bad we are treating Islamofascists who want to kill you, and me. Al-Jazeera loves the propaganda your party produces on a daily basis. I am repulsed by it.

While your party is in the majority, why are you not trying to FIX all that is broke instead of treading water (by launching investigation central) for the next year and a half while ganging up on the administration and investigating legal activity (8 foot-dragging federal attorneys)?

Put up your solutions for the people to act on. You are in the majority, what are you waiting for? Issues like saving Social Security from bankruptcy was important a decade ago. Surprise, it still is.

Strip politicians from using the income tax system as a leash and collar to ‘manage’ behavior, like socialists do. The fair tax proposal will do just that. It will fund the government while trimming its size (no need for the IRS), and increase domestic investment by attracting trillions of dollars back into play in the United States from offshore accounts and activities that fled the country because of the taxing power and practices of politicians in Washington.

Relating to income tax, you also need to repeal the 16th amendment so that the country can once and for all be free from economic coercion from the government, and taxpayers can be assured that politicians won’t, somewhere down the road, re-instate an income tax. Under the fair tax proposal, everyone whose income is above the poverty level becomes a taxpayer, including illegals, tourists, diplomats and millionaires who use current tax policy to not pay taxes, IE. personal income vs. investment income. Can’t be more ‘fair’ than that.

The fair tax relieves the ‘poor’ of ALL tax liability via pre-bate checks, and private industry is more than willing and able to play a part in that process. The short-term money needed to make this switch is substantial, but, if you think of it as a bridge loan and not as something that just doesn’t have a chance, you can make it happen.

Show your support for students, not unions, in the school voucher program. It is the students who are the object of education money, not the teachers and teacher unions. The whole education system needs to focus on the students’ success, and competition between schools and teachers will force the bad out and the good in.

Quit trying to use the Judiciary as your shadow legislature. Accept the fact that Judges should not make law, they only need to interpret who wins a case based on existing law in our country only. Period. Support originalist judges and use the legislative branch of government to make, or repeal, laws.

Quit trying to mold our kids into idiots who are taught that the government is your new nanny and can fix all one’s problems. Acknowledge that business, private enterprise, and risk taking are preferred to socialism and teach that in our schools.

Get more of our own oil and gas. Propose an energy policy that actually produces more energy. We can’t grow, we can’t prosper, we can’t exist without the fuel that runs the world economy as well as our own economy. Drill in my backyard, drill in the Gulf, Atlantic, Pacific, Alaska. And while you are insuring we can survive a mid-east oil catastrophe, we can be and should be trying to invent other energy sources, but not to the exclusion of becoming energy independent with our own fossil fuels.

Thank you for the opportunity to help you help our fine state, and our country.

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