Geraldo On Sanctuary Cities

It finally happened, Geraldo answers. Geraldo spent a few minutes on H&C last week on the subject of sanctuary cities. He obviously supports the notion of sanctuary cities if you read the transcript of the show.Geraldo Rivera and Rep. Tom Tancredo on Hannity & Colmes, 8/22/07

Neither he nor Alan Colmes could grasp the argument that the murders of the three college students were preventable. Whereas all the other crimes that Geraldo and Colmes wanted to compare this crime to, was an attempt to shape the anti-sanctuary cities people as racists. The fact that they were illegal didn’t matter to them. But when it is preventable, it does matter.

It shouldn’t be hard to understand that, when an illegal alien enters the criminal justice system for a felony, the first 30 counts are not freebies. But had this thug been turned over for deportation when he committed his first felony, he would not have been in Newark to commit the execution-style murders of three out of four human beings, who just happen to also be American citizens.

But this is just what I expected from Geraldo if he were ever to talk to this subject. Geraldo has validated that now.

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