DNC May Blank Florida For ‘08 Convention

Howard Dean and the DNC would consider denying Florida slots at their ’08 presidential national convention. Its tantamount to not having a vote because that would be the result. Funny what happens to the democratic process when political pressure comes from the bottom up. Howard Dean likes it the other way around. Our Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL) is all but threatening to sue.

This is all interesting to witness. I don’t recall ever seeing something like this happen before and am not sure exactly what the problem is, from a Joe citizen’s point of view. And of course, Republicans will be accused of creating the whole debacle “To sow discord and frustration among Florida Democrats and dampen Democratic turnout for a property tax ballot initiative that could drastically affect funding for education and public safety.” That according to The Campaign Manager blog. But if it isn’t the way Dean wants it then it probably isn’t the way that his donors and other special interest groups (the net-roots, or nut-roots) want. Of that you can be sure.

update: The DNC tonight did it. Florida will lose all its delegates unless they push back their primary date by at least one week.

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