France’s Royal Warns Of Out-Of-Control Muslims

Coming out of their last debate before the run-off election May 6, France’s socialist candidate Segolene Royal laments, if France elects Sarkozy then there will be violence in the streets similar to the rioting in the summer of 2005.   As a reminder, those were Muslims doing the rioting in ghettos all over France.

Reminds me of a similar stunt during the 2000 presidential race here when our own socialists democrats said if you elect a republican then black churches will burn.  The difference is that in France’s case it will probably happen.  But it wouldn’t be because of anything Sarkozy or his party have anything to do with.  

“If the only reason to vote for Ségo is fear of trouble in the suburbs, then democracy is in trouble,” said Yves Jégo, the mayor of one immigrant-heavy northern suburb and a staunch Sarkozy supporter. Ségo is Ms. Royal’s nickname.

France as we know it, will not be France as we know it for much longer.

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