Audacity Of Barack, The Victim

“[S]top just hatin’ all the time” said the president. He’s so arrogant, he thinks it is about him. It’s not about him, and I don’t know anyone who hates him. He’s a nice guy, for a community organizer. What people who know the country and the Constitution hate, is a president who does not do …

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Media Blindfold

Isn’t it amazing that the ‘Letters to the Editor” section is becoming a news source for local politics? As of this writing, this LTE is the only mention of candidate Guillory’s press release in the local “news media.” Doing the job the “news media” just won’t do. Related Link: Ray Guillory Endorses Medical Marijuana

Obama: Gimme Money

It should come as no surprise whatsoever that President Obama wants to grow government. With every crisis comes a request for more money, more government control, and more government expansion. The invasion on our southern border is no exception. Now he wants $3.7 billion dollars to support, not return, a few hundred thousand illegal aliens. The Coyote-In-Chief …

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Obama Won’t Visit TX Border, Will Visit Three Fundraisers

I’m bracing myself for the onslaught of media coverage hounding the President over not going to see first-hand, the latest ‘crisis’ to visit the South. Somehow, I think I’m wasting my time expecting any media pushback upon their president. Instead, what we get is White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest’s statement. OK, so let’s move …

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Kids Shooting Kids In Pensacola

Here is a case where youth violence, youth gun violence specifically, has been a growing concern in the Pensacola area. One way to reach the kids, it was thought, was to give them something to do and try to teach them to behave responsibly. An altercation early Sunday morning that led to a 16-year-old being …

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Happy Birthday America, And Many More

Lest we forget what Independence Day was, and why it was, lets appreciate the gift we have been given by our founders, and work hard to protect the America they left for us to keep. Suffice it to say, America, liberty, and freedom need preserving like maybe never before. When, like never before, the government …

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Illegals Invasion, Spreading Disease Americans Just Won’t Do

There are no arrest powers in the HIPPA legislation. This is what happens when you have a president who believes that the Constitution and the three equal branches of government are an impediment to his mission. He’ll have open borders, welcome undocumented democrats, even if it means spreading disease all over the country. A government-contracted …

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