Labor Unions And The ‘Occupy Everywhere’ Protests

Sign says 'Abolish Capitalism, Fight for Socialism.' That's the agenda of the 'Workers World' bunch.

‘Occupy Wall Street’ was only the beginning for the United States. Now the same thing is happening all over the country.

But unlike the Tea Party movement which was a spontaneous reaction to just about everything the Obama administration is doing, this throwback to the demonstrations of the 1960’s these Marxist ‘demonstrators’ are trying to mimic Egypt in the so-called Arab Spring. Their intent is to force whatever changes they want if they just make enough trouble, like what happened in Egypt. In their short lives, they must think that what happened in Egypt can happen here.

There is one thing common between the Egyptian uprising and the ‘Occupy Everywhere’ protesters. Both were supported by BIG LABOR.

“We’re down with these protesters. We support the notion that rich folk are not paying their fair share,” said Transport Workers Union President John Samuelsen. “Our bus operators are not going to be pressed into service to arrest protesters anywhere.”

It isn’t about jobs, work, or the economy in general. They are desperate to get their unfunded pensions bailed out and desperate to reverse the trend of a shrinking membership.

Try this . . .

Van Jones, now senior fellow at the George Soros backed Center for American Progress.

Update: Remember Van Jones, the former Green Jobs Czar? He is all about this manufactured civil unrest.





“I think everybody should hold onto your seats,” said Jones on Thursday’s MSNBC program “The Last Word With Lawrence O’Donnell.”

“October is going to be the turning point when it comes to the progressive fight back,” he went on. “We are a part of something called the American Dream Movement. We`re having a huge summit on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Come—you can go to and find out more about it. We are going to build a progressive counterbalance to the Tea Party.”

Progressives should fight back, Van Jones says. What, can’t handle an election?

He also says that what we are seeing on the evening news is a counterbalance to the Tea Party. Not sure if that means they will start bathing. Stark difference between the two ‘movements’ is that the Tea Party folks know why they are petitioning their government. These Occupy Wall Street hippies haven’t a clue.

I don’t understand the liberal perspective on what ‘normal’ is. Why would saving our country from a socialist regime need a counterbalance? One group is the cream of the crop, Americans who know of and respect the Constitution for what it is and what it means. The other group is the bottom of the barrel and don’t have a clue about their country. They believe that they can change our government by popular demand according to what’s cool in the world. As if our form of government is a fad.

The dirty little anarchists haven’t noticed the failure of the socialist laboratory called Europe. Those of us who bristle at the thought of the government growing in debt, size and scope, and rolling back freedom and the free-market economy are dismissed by these anarchists as being ‘old fashioned.’ Waiting for us to die off so they can have the socialist version.

The useful idiots, revolutionaries, will be coming to a public place near you. Pray for them if you happen to meet one. That’ll really piss them off.

Link: Who’s Behind The ‘Occupy Everywhere’ Faux-tests?

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  1. I agree. Amazing how stupid people look when they don’t have a clue what it takes to provide jobs and make the economy work. I wonder how many of these “occupy” wherever have 401k’s (or their parents’ retirement accounts) are invested w/the companies they rail against.

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