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Five Years, 7,000


Nothing but heroic courage and selfless sacrifice to celebrate today. Not the fact that the total war casualties reached 4000. Seems like only yesterday that the media was all pumped up for the 500th. Then the 1000th.

Militarily, this war has proven to be the most successful war, especially considering the global scale of the enemy, in history. Actually, the total casualties is 7,000. The first 3,000 were unarmed civilians.

One can only imagine how much lower the count would have been, and how much closer to being able to leave Iraq we would have been if the other half of the country did not choose to abandon the war in mid-stream.

Flashback to this time last year, when Gen. Petraeus wrote a ‘Letter To The Iraqi People.’ This was when the planned surge operation was about to begin. It looks like the Iraqi people took him at his word because the Iraqi people have done and are doing what he asked of them even to this day. They are turning in the insurgents and isolating them from their neighborhoods so they can be taken out. And its a good thing. Unfortunately, the left would rather abandon the Iraqi people for political expediency. Doesn’t it make sense to finish the job now instead of letting Iraq regress into a safe house/country for terrorists where we’ll have to go back and start all over, only this time with a much more dug in, armed and deadly enemy? If casualty numbers are of any concern to the Left, then they know the best option is to finish this one out and not leave, only to return to start from scratch.

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Lawyers Bribing Judges?

Last week, mass tort lawyer Richard (Dickie) F. Scruggs, who squeezed hundreds of billions of dollars from tobacco companies, pleaded guilty to trying to bribe a state court judge in Mississippi. This, concerning a mass tort scam on insurance companies over Hurricane Katrina victims and his fees. His son, David Zachary Scruggs, reached a plea agreement today with federal prosecutors who had charged him with a role in a conspiracy to bribe a state court judge.

Is this part of a ‘design to dismantle the plaintiffs bar’ as has been suggested, or simply a matter of law enforcement? Kudo’s to the judge who did not take the bribe.

aSide Order

Are you as shocked as this white guy to learn what goes on in some, I hope very very few, black churches on Sunday? From Barack Obama’s former minister and still ‘spiritual leader’ spewing political and racial hatred, to a church in Harlem that tore Obama to shreds, from the pulpit. Is is painful to hear. I don’t care if you read The Lord’s Prayer on Sunday and spew that political and racial hatred, it doesn’t qualify to be the tax exempt entity it is supposed to be. Question is, how is it that THESE churches still have tax exempt status?  Not to mention how damaging it is to the life and spirit of generations of black children being exposed to this kind of hatred.

Always on top of things Brian Ross of ABC News, finds that Hillary was in the White House on ‘blue dress day.’ But Brian, where’s the cigar?

Stuff White People Like. Hilarious blog. Covers many subjects that might answer some questions about white people. Helpful information for people of all races.

Young Bloggers In Iran

According to the Telegraph.co.uk, not everyone in Iran is as loony as their president. Two thirds of Iran’s population is under 30 years old. Iran has an annual inflation rate of 20 percent. With a tightly controlled media, the blogosphere and the Internet represent the only ‘free press’ in Iran. It’s only free though until the government finds you and shuts you down.

If a democratic government presided over this disaster, it would be swept from office. The young are a vital constituency; two thirds of the country’s 70 million people are under 30. They are bitterly aware that Iran floats on a sea of natural wealth, boasting the second largest reserves of oil and natural gas in the world. With oil prices exceeding $100 a barrel and no fewer than 130 billion barrels lying beneath Iran’s mountains and deserts, there is no excuse for decades of economic failure.

Like Iraq, there are a lot of people in Iran that are not hostile to freedom, liberty and the United States. The demographics in Iran will force the current political situation there to change. A change that includes the ‘west,’ that includes joining this century, that includes prospering in a world economy. Including a change from the ways and means of their current President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The only question is when.

Unlike the situation in Iraq in 2003, there are, or soon will be, enough Iranians to make a change in their government peacefully. That’s the best case scenario. That could not and did not happen in Iraq under Saddam Hussein.

Good luck in the elections Iran.

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Olbermann Goes Ballistic Over Geraldine Ferraro

Keith Olbermann’s take on the Ferraro – Obama flap perfectly represents the ‘media’s racial angle‘ to this story. As an added bonus, you can hear, if not see, Olbermann foaming at the mouth over this.

In typical Olbermann / Liberal fashion, he accuses her and Rush Limbaugh of doing things they did not do, taking the racist accusation to the highest level. The best part is where he says that Hillary is acting like a republican. But don’t take my word for it, see for yourself.

Please notice which party it is that is turning a political fight into a racial one. These are Democrats, who are always first to notice things like race, gender, sexual preference, and the first to accuse Republicans of being racists, sexists, and homophobes. They set themselves up as caretakers for the victims they create and, through a dependent-creating liberal agenda, cultivate.

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It’s Not Ferraro Dividing The Party

From the looks of the news over the Geraldine Ferraro – Barack Obama flap, I’m feeling that there’s a whole lot of race going on and it isn’t being perpetrated by Ferraro when she said this . . .

If Obama was a white man, he would not be in this position. And if he was a woman, he would not be in this position. He happens to be very lucky to be who he is. And the country is caught up in the concept.

I agree with Obama when he said that he did not take that as a racist remark. I didn’t see it that way either. It was an opinion of all the dynamics at work in a Presidential election where there is a woman and black for the first time in American history. What is distressing is the extent to which the media is running a racist angle on the story.

For the woman’s part, Ferraro has been there, done that. For the black’s part, Barack is there today. What Ferraro said was exactly right. If Barack was white, he would have been in the also-ran line with Dennis Kucinich long ago. But he is Black. He’s a handsome guy, he gives good speeches, is inspirational and, according to Joe Biden (D-DE), he is clean. In this case, the fact that he has not yet finished his first term in the Senate, has no executive experience outside of organizing neighborhood projects, seem to have no bearing on his qualifications to be President and Commander in Chief, during a war. If he would have been white, he’d be outta there. But the media apparently can not recognize that fact. Is it because they want to pick the candidate on the Democrat side of the ticket as well?

Obama’s response is clever, but shows his inability to deal with what she said. He instead attempts to tell her, and you and I, what we can and can not talk about.

“Part of what I think Geraldine Ferraro is doing, and I respect the fact that she was a trailblazer, is to participate in the kind of slice and dice politics that’s about race and about gender and about this and that, and that’s what Americans are tired of because they recognize that when we divide ourselves in that way we can’t solve problems,” Obama said on NBC’s “Today” show.

Let’s see if I understand this. Americans are tired of the race and gender politics? Oh, I thought there were record number turnouts in voting in the Democratic primaries. To the contrary, Americans are very interested in it. It isn’t Geraldine Ferraro who is dividing the Democratic party. This woman vs black issue is exposing the Democratic party in the same way that illegal immigration revealed the Republican party fissure between conservatives and Republicans.

All in all, Obama’s attempt to squelch speech by saying what you should not talk about, and to use it to accuse her of trying to divide the Democratic party, exposes his amateur, not presidential, abilities.

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Democrats Secure Win For Terrorists

A sensational title? Sure, but it is also the truth when it comes to Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and House Democrats letting expire the parts of the Protect America Act that deal with internet and cell communications. This is the same bill that the Senate passed in a bi-partisan vote of 68-29. The consequence? For a little more than three weeks now (Feb 16, 2008) the government has to operate by the 1978 standards of the FISA act. This means, they can not listen in on communications from terrorists in Pakistan to terrorists in Afghanistan. It is taking a tool out of the toolbox in fighting the war on terror. The House democrats seem more concerned with librarians than the terrorists that want us dead.

The Protect America Act amended the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) that was passed in 1978 to protect people inside the United States from being monitored by U.S. intelligence without a warrant proving they were agents of a foreign government.

This point is crucial: FISA was never meant to apply to foreigners outside the United States communicating with other foreigners outside the United States.

To be fair to Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats, they may only appear to be aligned with terrorists in an ‘unintended consequences’ kind of way. To believe Nancy Pelosi does not know of the ‘unintended consequences’ as relates to the enemy requires a suspension of dis-belief. That being the case though, it shows they don’t take alQaeda seriously. So who else benefits from this bill being kept on hold? Trial lawyers. Trial lawyers have dozens of cases against phone companies who are providing help to the government, at the government’s request, in tracking down terrorists, not librarians. And, included in this bill are provisions for granting companies immunity in cases where they provide intelligence at the government’s request. This, of course, is being portrayed by the left as the government listening in on your pizza order delivery call and Big Brother must be stopped. So, the title could also be Democrats Secure Win For Trial Lawyers, a major source of campaign contributions to the Democratic party. Politically, Robet Novak nails it . . .

The recess by House Democrats amounts to a judgment that losing the generous support of trial lawyers, the Democratic Party’s most important financial base, would be more dangerous than losing the anti-terrorist issue to Republicans.

Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) sites support in the Senate . . .

At one point during the debate, Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Jay Rockefeller, D-W.Va., who helped pass the Senate version, declared that without these measures our intelligence will be “degraded.” Similarly, the Director of National Intelligence said without this legislation, we lack the necessary tools to intercept communications between foreign nationals.

Which ever way you look at the inaction by House democrats, the losers are the same, the American people.

Statement from The White House

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Clinton Consistent On Coal

After Bill Clinton’s second run for President, it was learned of a Chinese connection in illegal campaign contributions. Back then, Bill Clinton created a 1.8 million acre monument in southern Utah. On its face, an innocuous move, making environmentalists (also contributors) happy. Everybody feels good about a new park. What wasn’t mentioned was the coal reserves located in that 1.8 million acres.

The effect of creating that ‘monument’ was to take our country’s largest deposit of low-sulphur coal off of the market and out of bounds from mining. Now a quick mineralogical lesson. There are only two known low-sulphur coal reserves in the world, one of which is under this land in Utah that was blocked off by Clinton and the other of which is in China. We then see the Rhiady family, acting as intermediaries between Clinton and the Chinese government, which was making illegal donations to the Clinton campaign.

Over a decade ago, Bill Clinton didn’t blink an eye at handing a huge advantage to China while at the same time helping to cripple the coal industry at home. That was when he was trolling for campaign contributions.

So two days ago, while Clinton is looking for votes, he speaks to an audience in a small mining town in Wyoming . . .

But here was Bill Clinton in southwest Wyoming, two days before Saturday’s Democratic caucuses, telling about 1,000 people how his wife, Hillary Rodham Clinton, would establish 10 clean-coal technology projects if elected president in November.

“Some environmentalists don’t think we ought to be doing anything with coal, but they’re wrong,” he said. “Think about it, you could become, maybe, the first totally energy-independent state in the United States.”

They don’t call him ‘Slick Willy’ for nothing.   That would have been the time to ask Mr. Clinton why, if he is so behind the coal industry, he wrote off our reserves with a stroke of a pen?  It is easy to see Clinton’s consistency when it comes to our natural resources.  His and Hillary’s interests always come before the country’s interest.  He’ll sell you short, or he’ll sell you snake oil, as long as he/she gets elected.

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News Conference Preparation

One or two of the Democrat contenders might just melt down on their own once the media starts to grow a pair and ask some questions. The Wizard of ID captured perfectly the way Clinton appearances have been managed. Slowly, things are changing.

News Conference Prep

The weakest link of the two is Obama. He was seen yesterday running from reporters, er, his campaign was late and he had to run, when a Tony Rezko question came up. The media was surprised to see an Obama that they had not seen before.

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