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Nuclear Iran Not Complying With U.N. Demands

Well there’s a news flash. Not really. And that useless ElBaradei of the UN nuclear club (IAEA) is already in give-up mode.

IAEA chief Mohamed ElBaradei is now arguing that diplomatic efforts to get Iran to suspend enrichment may no longer make sense if the Islamic republic has the technical ability to enrich on a large scale, a diplomat familiar with the inspection process told The Associated Press.

What’s the end-game here? Looking for a willing host country to take the United Nations is a start. Ahmadinejad might get that attack he’s been asking and preparing for.

I Give Up, What’s Better Than Independence?

The United States is co-sponsor of a bill in the United Nations that could lead to Kosovo’s independent State status. Currently they are wards of the ‘state.’

Kosovo, a province of Serbia, is administered by the United Nations under U.N. Resolution 1244, passed in June 1999 when a NATO campaign drove Yugoslav Serbs out of Kosovo, halting years of violence and human rights abuses.

One would think that a country’s chance to move from a provisional government to an independent state would be great news. Right. Amazingly, this bill is the first sign of something happening with actual bi-partisan support. Is it bi-partisan or bi-polar? Tom Lantos seems to say yes it’s a great idea, ‘shaped with wisdom and patience.’ Then he says that he would have preferred something different. Something different? Does oppression sound better? Or is he referring to the tried and true ‘can’t we all just get along’ foreign policy of appeasement and submission and genocide?

House Foreign Affairs Chairman Tom Lantos (D-Ca) said the Kosovo proposal appears to have been “shaped with wisdom and patience” by Ahtisaari.

“Clearly, this is not a perfect solution,” Lantos said. “I would have preferred something different. But there is no better settlement in sight. There is no more time to wait.”

What did Tom Lantos, House Foreign Affairs Chairman, have in mind for ‘something different’ than a chance for independence for Kosovo?

Good Genocide Bad Genocide , What?

For years now, literally years, the Bush administration has had to push the United Nations into even discussing the genocide in Darfur, Africa. That’s the place where the Islamofascists have virtually taken over the government and have been on a mission to kill or otherwise displace the Christian native Africans. The U.N. can’t even agree calling what is happening there genocide. But the far left can see it as genocide. And I agree, it is. That, and the United Nations is a worthless group of anti-American, anti-West thugs.

Funny thing about it is, this country didn’t cause or start the genocide in Darfur. This administration is diplomatically trying to get African nations together to stop it themselves. Yet, the left has TV commercials all over the airwaves saying, ‘President Bush, stop the genocide’ as though he’s the one causing it. When it comes to Iraq and the war on terror it is the far left, these same people, who just want the U.S. out of Iraq. They want the Iraqi people to be left high and dry, to wallow in their own ‘civil war’ as they call it. If we were to pull out before the job is finished, there would be genocide in Iraq and it would be the left in this country that would be responsible for it. Go figure.