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The Melting Pot Is Melting

Other than the war on terror, the next dangerous situation to America is illegal immigration and its effects on The Melting Pot. The “solution” to this was the result of no input from ‘the American people’ on the the major aspects of the immigration bill in Congress. It is the beginning of the pot melting. The best presentation of what this bill actually does, as opposed to what proponents say about it, is this Heritage In Focus video by former AG Edwin Meese.

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Gasoline, You Pay What You Get For

Now that a gallon of gas cost over $3, the news media is re-running the same news casts on this subject that they did last year. Well, not really but the tilt is the same, their message is the same, for all practical purposes they could re-play last years’ broadcasts on this subject. They continue to belabor the question for the great unwashed; why are gas prices so high?

That question is commonplace among the economically challenged who think supply and demand are obscure theories that contradict reality. They only look to gouging in one way or another. The question that should be posed, and hasn’t been is this; what have we done since last year to increase oil supply? How many new wells were licensed? Where has exploration begun? How many oil refineries have we built? What have we done to supply or demand to cause the price to come down? I like this one best, would we be more secure and would the price of gas be as high as it is today if, ten years ago, we had started drilling and expanding the oil and gas infrastructure ?

The population doing what populations do will increase demand on its own. Births outnumber deaths. We are now over 300 million strong, not counting the 12-20 million illegals. And right now Congress is attempting to slip an immigration bill over on us that will so radically change the demographics and politic of this country that guarantees over 100 million (the families of the 12 million) more Mexicans will be here driving cars.

The evidence of government actions points to a willingness to increase our population (demand) by the stroke of a pen, and absolutely no evidence to increase the oil supply to meet our current demands, let alone the effect (if enacted) this immigration bill will have on demand. How high will it have to go before the left understands economics? Is $6/gallon enough? You pay what you get for.

Syria, The Express Check-In, Better Than The Mexican Border

Did you ever read a news piece and immediately recoil with a big WHAT? It’s been happening more often nowadays but if this doesn’t sound like DHS/Frankenstein on immigration or some such, I don’t know what else could. Attempting to stop the bleeding here (Mexican Border), while we make this incision on your jugular here (Syria).

Homeland Security is looking to hire people to go to Syria to sign up ‘refugees.’ I’d like to know why importing terrorists has become a priority while we are fighting a war to keep them out?

And if a threat level Yellow (Elevated) isn’t enough to adequately protect the U.S. border at Mexico, what does it have to be to stop operating from within a state sponsor of terror and puppet of Iran?

“Speak English” Sign Deemed Discriminatory?

In America? In Philadelphia? Yes. Revisiting the Geno’s Steaks saga that started in May 2006, last month the Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations has notified Joey Vento that his novelty sign that reads “This is America, when ordering speak English” is discriminatory. Now Mr. Vento has to defend his constitutional right to free speech against the City of Brotherly Love. Joey Vento, proprietor of Geno's Steaks in South Philly. The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that Vento “has enlisted the support of the Southeastern Legal Foundation, a conservative public-interest law firm in Atlanta.”

The complaint is patently ridiculous for two reasons other than we are talking about ink on paper, constitutionally protected free speech. First, no person has ever been refused service for not speaking English so, there are no “victims” of discrimination. Vento says if they can’t speak it, they just point to the picture of the sandwich he has at the counter, and they do business. Second, if someone can’t speak the language, how the hell could they read the sign in the first place to, ostensibly, be offended or discriminated against? There is no case.

It is a great case of harassment by city officials with way too much time and money on their hands.

UPDATE: March 21, 2008, Geno’s Steaks Prevails

One-Issue Voters Make Minority Parties

The next election will most certainly be determined by these ‘one-issue’ voters if they don’t wise up and look at the big picture. The main difference between the one-issue voters in both parties is that the democrats won’t chew off their own arm.

One-issue voters on the conservative side of the aisle is the so-called Christian coalition who make abortion their issue. Illegal immigration and border security represents another one-issue block. There are others but I don’t have the time.

The point is that no matter what a candidate may believe on this topic or that topic, the president does not rule like a king or a dictator. It’s the members of congress that make the laws. And for the one-issue voter to vote as though he were electing a king is just plain wrong, politically, and guarantees they remain in minority status.

Vicente Fox And The Berlin Wall

Today, finally and thankfully, President Bush signs into law the Secure Fence Act of 2006.  The erection of the wall has prompted Mexican President Vicente Fox to call it Bush’s Berlin Wall.  No, the coca-cola dealer has it wrong.  It depends on who owns the fence.  If it were his wall then the Berlin Wall analogy is correct.

AP – President Bush wanted an exchange of workers with Mexico to bring order to the border, but wound up signing a law Thursday that approves partitioning 700 miles of the United States from its southern neighbor.