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What Do You Need ‘That’ For?

So there I was, enjoying a nice dish of strawberry shortcake after dinner and checking out my new AR-15 when my son grabbed a picture of me with it.  ‘Nice dad,’ I thought. So I posted the pic on facebook to show it off a bit.

Jack is on the floor beside me, I'm holding "Jill."
Jack is on the floor beside me, I’m holding “Jill.”

That’s when my liberal buddy asked “What on earth do you need that for?”

My response is worth repeating here.

What do you mean? I love strawberry shortcake.

“Jill” is a Bushmaster M4 model, 5.56 cal. I don’t feel I need one, but since the anti-gun hysteria has gone berserk, I decided that I wanted one. Picked it up at Academy Sports. Comes with a 30-round magazine. Glad I got it, was lucky to get it, they are in such high demand. And Academy isn’t price gouging. $999.99 w/o the sight system. These are going for twice the price at gun shows, if you can find one.

Took it out shooting yesterday for the first time (private property in the county, legal). Compared to a shotgun, which I also have (had that as a kid 50 years ago), the recoil is girlyman. It is light and easy to handle. A petite lady can shoot one with no ill affects.

And that scary looking thing on my left hand is protection from a hot barrel. After shooting a few rounds through it, the barrel does get hot. When the weather improves I hope to get it out to the range to dial in the sights. They’re accurate right out of the box, but I still want to dial them in and I need the range facilities to do that.

Come with me sometime. It’s fun. Bring your guns if you have any. You can shoot mine if you don’t. And if you don’t, I wouldn’t be surprised if you want to get one afterwards. I have them because I like them, and in the unfortunate case that I need one for protection, then I’ll feel like I’m on a level playing field with the bad guy.

Every time I carry, I pray that I won’t “need” it. It is better than needing one and not having it. Besides, it is my constitutional right to decide for myself what I feel I need to protect myself. Which, is another reason I bought a few extra 30-round magazines. The politicos don’t have a right to tell me what I feel I need to protect my rights, family, and property.

When it comes to taking lives (abortion), the same people are pro-choice. But when it comes to saving lives, they want to take my choice away.

It’s fun to shoot at a target and meet the challenge to hit the bullseye. Few people hit the bullseye consistently. What most people try to do is to improve your shooting skill to make a smaller ‘group.’ Let’s go shooting, I’ll show you what I’m talking about. I have extra ear and eye protection if you need it. It is required at the range.

Since that time, I’ve been to the range and dialed in the sights. I’m not an expert marksman yet, but I managed a four-inch group at fifty yards, and a two-inch group at twenty-five. Needless to say, I really like Jill. What I’ve found out though is that each time I use it I’m learning more about its, and my own, capabilities and limitations. I guess that’s what ‘shooting’ is all about. It’s all fun recreation. And like any hobby, you can spend on it as much cash as you have, and then some. For example, the laser sights are fine at 50 yards or less, but not worth a dam at 100 yards or more. One day at the range showed me that to extend its reach with equal accuracy, I’d need a scope with magnification. I’m fine with what I have. After all, it’s not a sniper rifle.

Pensacola Indoor Shooting Range Opening Soon, UPDATE 4/7/2013

Click HERE for the latest updates on the Pensacola Indoor Shooting Range.

The people at Pensacola Specialty Pawn (850) 432-9050), near Pace Blvd & Fairfield Dr., are planning on opening a 10-lane indoor shooting range on their property around June-July mid to late September 2013.  They have changed the site from the pawn shop site to a spot on North Palafox, Rt. 29, the former site of Leisure Time RV. Seems to me to be a better location from an accessibility, if not safety, standpoint. They are capping membership at 500 members.  Members can go anytime. Non-members can go when space is available. Their annual membership pricing is: Patriot (first responders & active/retired military) $199.99, Individual $299.99, Family (2 household) $399.99. Non-members $20 per hour.

Some new features (new to me anyway) at the range will be a closed circuit TV setup for each lane. There will be ten lanes. No matter where you put your target, which is adjustable right from your shooting position, there are two cameras in operation. One on the target, and the other on you. No need to get out the binocs to see where your bullets went. The camera system is focused on your target no matter how far downrange you put it. Another cool thing is that in another room, out of the shooting room, monitors will be there for your party (or whoever) to see you in action, in split screen (you/target), uh, for better or worse.


Personally, I’m glad to see this new business. Glad to see any new business for that matter. I miss the range on ‘W’ Street. Compared to an outdoor range, it is a little pricey. But you really can’t compare the two venues on price alone. Each have their own ‘value’ to the shooter, and their own limitations. But there is value in weather protection and convenience and proximity to the city, something an outdoor range can not offer.

Link: Pensacola Indoor Shooting Range

Blood On Their Hands Game

Just thought of a new role playing game. Let’s call it ‘Blood On Their Hands.’ It was inspired by news of the cop cop-killer Chris Dorner in Chris_DonerDianne FeinsteinLos Angeles and my recollection of the behavior of folks like Media Matters, Think Progress, ABC’s Brian Ross and other democrats after other shootings. How they said Sarah Palin had blood on her hands for Gabby Giffords being shot by a Nazi nutjob in Arizona. And if they couldn’t connect them to right-wingers, they made it up, just so they could complete the Left’s narrative that conservatives and other right-wingers are all blood thirsty killers, inspired by the party leaders.

Well have I got news for them. This Chris Dorner nutjob is a big gun control advocate (go figure), is a big fan of Obama, Dianne Feinstein, Mia Farrow, Hillary Clinton, Piers Morgan and Anderson Cooper.

More from his manifesto . . .

Chris Matthews, Joe Scarborough, Pat Harvey, Brian Williams, Soledad Obrien, Wolf Blitzer, Meredith Viera, Tavis Smiley, and Anderson Cooper, keep up the great work and follow Cronkite’s lead.

Amazingly, I haven’t heard any of them being accused of having blood on their hands. I’m so disappointed with the media for not making the obvious connection. Let alone not mentioning that the guy is a big leftest and Obama supporter. Not a word.

Links: Suspected L.A. Cop Killer Posted Pro-Obama, Pro-Gun Control, Leftist Rant on the Web (Update: KTLA Whitewash)  |  Christopher Dorner’s Anderson Cooper Package (huh?)  |  Chris Dorner’s Manifesto

K-9 Plus, Every Home Needs One Of These

I got a new guard dog to guard my house. He was a little more than I thought I should pay. But, I think when word gets out, we’ll be a relatively crime-free neighborhood. The nice part is he is only a year old and already fully trained. For your safety, you might want to call the house if you’re coming over! [flagallery gid=19 name=Gallery]

h/t Provolone Greg

‘Homeland Security’ Buys 21.6 Million More Rounds

Are they anticipating a bum rush at the border of zillions of illegal immigrants? Are they planning to shoot them all? It’s time that “the most transparent administration” show some transparency and explain just why they think they may need over 40 million rounds of ammo (that’s in addition to the 1.6 billion rounds they’ve already bought in the last 10 months) when I have to look far and wide for a single box of 50. Or is this just the beginning of a process to disarm America? I would suggest that if they think they actually need all that ammo to fundamentally change America, or they think that Americans (govt. employees) will use that ammo to fire on other Americans, then they need to go.

The Department of Homeland Security is set to purchase a further 21.6 million rounds of ammunition to add to the 1.6 billion bullets it has already obtained over the course of the last 10 months alone, figures which have stoked concerns that the federal agency is preparing for civil unrest.

Just what on earth could they be talking about? This . . .?

A study funded by the Department of Homeland Security that was leaked last year characterizes Americans who are “suspicious of centralized federal authority,” and “reverent of individual liberty” as “extreme right-wing” terrorists.

Are they nuts, or just crazy?

Link: DHS Purchases 21.6 Million More Rounds of Ammunition

aSide Order

Why I voted for Obama, twice.

There’s been a lot of talk lately about a voting block that President Obama caught. They’re called low-information voters and are not race-specific, ethnic-specific, or income-specific. If you were like me, scratching my head over how in the world this community organizer could be re-elected in such a dire economic and jobless environment, this video should clear it up. You have the racial aspect, and what became known as the Santa Claus effect.

Don’t know who this person is. But if this is satire, it’s really good.


Gun Dealers Have Problems With Credit Card Processors

Nick McMillan, a gun dealer in Tennessee, recently received an email from Intuit Payment solutions informing him the company was no longer interested in processing his credit card sales. Well isn’t that special? Intuit also sells TurboTax and Quickbooks.

In the email the company wrote “Intuit does not support the services you are providing” and then the reason stated was firearms, ammunition, gun parts and accessories sales not sold in a face-to-face environment with the credit card being swiped.

As you might expect, the KOSites are estatic over it.

There are plenty of gun-friendly credit card processors out there. Payment Alliance International is one.


Tawana Brawley served with court order to pay man she accused of rape in 1987sharpton_brawley1

sharpton_brawleyInfamous hoaxster Tawana Brawley — whose outrageous rape lie 25 years ago inflamed racial tensions nationwide — yesterday was finally slapped with a court order to settle a hefty defamation case against her. It also made Al Sharpton famously famous. Johnny Cochran paid off Sharpton’s bills on the case. Wonder if the good Reverend will step up and pay Tawana’s bill?

Obama’s Next Straw Man Argument For Gun Control

President Obama made his argument today like this, “We don’t want our police to be out gunned.” Well, who could disagree with that? Especially when I’ve seen police with full auto weapons, shotguns, and multiple magazines. But that’s not the problem. Thugs aren’t going around robbing and shooting police.

The community organizer won’t acknowledge that law-abiding Americans don’t want to be out gunned by criminals. That, and Americans don’t want the least competent entity in our lives, the federal government, taking away our choice and in fact making our choice for us, as to what kind of firearms and capability that we feel we need to keep our family and property safe.

Where my and my family’s safety and property are concerned, I’m pro-choice. Ironically, the federal government is pro-choice when it comes to taking lives, but not for saving lives.

Fail, Economy Saved Or Created

It is amazing how the Left (which now includes the mainstream media), from the President on down, continues to speak about the ‘economic recovery.’ Even the slightly curious can verify that their talking points are even less credible today than they were 5 months ago. All economic indicators are down. And for the first time since the recession, GDP has gone negative.


All of President Obama’s ‘investing’ has got us record unemployment, record annual deficits, record national debt, high food and energy costs, and higher health care costs. And while we watch the rise of radical Islam all over the world, the Federal Reserve continuing to monetize the debt and devalue the dollar, further depressing the world economy, the public’s attention is drawn towards reducing crime by telling citizens that they can no longer decide for themselves what kind of firearms they feel they need to protect their family and property. Left to their own devices, the administration will take your choice away.

The contracting economy is all the evidence you need to see that record government spending and borrowing is not making the economy better. All that, plus the attempts to tread on personal liberty, economic freedom, and the U.S. Constitution has been counter productive to everything the administration says, emphasis on ‘says,’ it wants to do.

It isn’t hard to imagine that if Obama was a Republican, the media would be writing stories about impeachment of the most incompetent President in our lifetime.

Link: U.S. economy contracts for first time since recession