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China Says Kerry’s Call For Internet Freedom Naive

China criticized U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry on Monday for his “naive” call for more Internet freedom in the country, and wondered why his discussion with Chinese bloggers had not touched upon Edward Snowden.

What do you think China thinks of his foreign policy? Or Religious freedom? The same?

Link: China says Kerry’s call for Internet freedom naive 

Threat Assessment, In Case You Missed It

Here’s a minute and a half of how well things are going in the world. From our “greatest” Secretary of State to the current one, and five years of “leading from (his) behind.”

Can’t imagine why you aren’t seeing this on the major news networks. You?

Full transcript HERE.

Looking back over my now more than half a century in intelligence, I’ve not experienced a time when we’ve been beset by more crises and threats around the globe. My list is long. It includes the scourge and diversification of terrorism, loosely connected and globally dispersed, to include here at home, as exemplified by the Boston Marathon bombing and by the sectarian war in Syria, its attraction as a growing center of radical extremism and the potential threat this poses now to the homeland.

Let me briefly expand on this point. The strength of the insurgency is now estimated at somewhere between 75,000 to 80,000 on the low end and 110,000 to 115,000 on the high end, who are organized into more than 1,500 groups of widely varying political leanings. Three of the most effective are the Al- Nusrah Front, Ahrar al Sham and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, or ISIL, as it’s known, whose numbers total more than 20,000. Complicating this further are the 7,500-plus foreign fighters from some 50 countries who have gravitated to Syria. Among them are a small group of Af/Pak al Qaida veterans who have aspirations for external attack in Europe, if not the homeland itself.

And there are many other crises and threats around the globe, to include the spillover of the Syrian conflict into neighboring Lebanon and Iraq, the destabilizing flood of refugees in Jordan, Turkey and Lebanon, now almost 2.5 million, a symptom of one of the largest humanitarian disasters in a decade.

The implications of the drawdown in Afghanistan: This year, as the chairman noted, is a crossroads, with the drawdown of ISAF, the presidential election, and whether the bilateral security agreement is signed. Key to sustaining the fragile gains we’ve made is sustained, external financial support.

The deteriorating internal security posture in Iraq, with AQI now in control of Fallujah, and violence across Iraq at very high levels. More than 5,000 civilians were killed in Iraq in 2013, which is a made — made that year Iraq’s deadliest since 2007.

The growth of foreign cyber-capabilities, both nation states, as well as non-nation states; the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction; aggressive nation state intelligence efforts against us; an assertive Russia; a competitive China; a dangerous, unpredictable North Korea; a challenging Iran, where the economic sanctions have had a profound impact on Iran’s economy and have contributed to the P5- plus-1 joint plan of action . . .

Pollution from China Reaches U.S., Our Fault?

One of the best kept secrets from the global warming crowd and the so-called environmentalist movement is that the great majority of pollution going into the atmosphere comes from China and India, not the United States.

But now that pollution from China is blowing across the Western United States, the meme changes to it’s our fault because we buy too much stuff. Not only that, but the pollution we’re getting is because of what China exports to the U.S., as if  pollution generated from what they export to other countries around the world what, goes no where, or goes somewhere else?

China’s contribution to pollution is the result of the process of their manufacturing and electrical generation, not from the products we buy. That “process” being they don’t give a flip about using clean technology as is used in the United States. 

Two facts, it is the political, labor, and tax policies in the U.S. that have driven the manufacturing and related jobs overseas. And, although the U.S. is the cleanest industrial nation for its size in the world, no amount of industry strangulation here is going to make up for countries like India and China who have no desire to clean up their act.

Here are a couple other fun facts:

• China emits more CO2 than the US and Canada put together – up by 171% since the year 2000
• The US has had declining CO2 for two years running, the last time the US had declining CO2 for 3 years running was in the 1980s

Links: Pollution from China Reaches U.S., According to New Study – | World carbon dioxide emissions data by country: China speeds ahead of the rest

President Obama, Managing America’s Decline

In a matter of two months, Josef Joffe’s book ‘The Myth of America’s Decline’ has a become its own myth as China surpasses the US as the world’s china-exportslargest trading nation.

China became the world’s largest trading nation in 2013, overtaking the US in what Beijing described as “a landmark milestone” for the country. China’s annual trade in goods passed the $4tn (£2.4tn) mark for the first time last year according to official data, after exports from the world’s second largest economy rose 7.9% to $2.21tn and imports rose 7.3% to $1.95tn.

As a result total trade rose 7.6% over the year to $4.16tn. The US is yet to publish its 2013 trade figures, but with trade totalling $3.5tn in the first 11 months of the year, it is unlikely to beat China.

The shift in the trading pecking order reflected China’s rising global dominance, despite a slowdown in economic growth last year.

There are 92 million Americans without a job who don’t need to be convinced that Obama’s economy is a disaster. And 15 million Americans who have lost their health insurance policies don’t need to be told that the nation’s health security is a disaster. Worse than it was before Obamacare. And our allies around the world already know that we are an unreliable ally, too eager to subjugate our own interests, and theirs, for some naive world view that if we will be nice to our enemies that they will be nice in return. Iran and al-Qaida just love President Obama. And they and the rest of the world just laughs at him.

Mr. Joffe’s book has all the ingredients of being right, except for the assumption that America has a President and congress intent on keeping  America strong. Starting with his apology tour, our president acts like he is embarrassed by our number one ranking in military and economic strength, and sees projecting that strength for the benefit of ourselves and our allies as being an obnoxious bully. He has set out to “right those wrongs” and is succeeding, to our detriment and that of future generations of Americans.

Link: China surpasses US as world’s largest trading nation

Debt, America’s New Massa

The Daily Beast is just dumfounded at the suggestion that there is a new kind of slavery going on. It’s OK that The Beast doesn’t get the metaphor. Maybe it’s a little national-debt-per-capitatoo deep for them to understand.

It boils down to this. like slaves were owned, our future generations will be owned by the debt we are putting them in today. China, the debt, becomes the new Massa for generations to come.

The political left has gotten drunk with their “racist” ranting. That’s OK as long as everyone realizes that it just means they have no way to discuss the real problem, the debt, so they do what they do, re-direct the issue to anything else.

Link: The Right’s Slavery Obsession – The Daily Beast.

Debt Markets React, Dollar Slides

Part and parcel of artificially fueling the global economy by printing money and buying our own debt (which would be illegal if you tried it) is the effect it has on the shrinking_dollardollar and interest rates when the party is over. Getting our own economy and the global economy back to market realities will cause interest rates to rise to a “normal” rate. It will also have a negative, albeit temporary effect on the stock market and your 401K. When interest rates rise, mortgages and other financed purchases, like your car and credit card purchases, will cost more. As the value of the dollar falls, everything you buy will cost more. This is the bad tasting medicine referred to in the previous post. Contrary to the Obama administration’s belief, shouldering future generations with our debt is not an option.

  • Relief rally short-lived as concerns over consequences dominate
  • Dollar index down 0.6 percent, euro and yen gain
  • European shares retreat from highs, Wall Street to weaken
  • Gold hits one-week high, oil slides

Facing the reality of another can-kicking session in Congress early next year, the Chinese credit agency Dagong downgraded the U.S. sovereign rating to A- from A with a negative outlook, driving further dollar losses. That’s just the beginning. Hold on to your wallet. If we’re ever going to get things back to normal again, it won’t be easy, but it isn’t an impossible task. The healing process must begin. The result being an economy that begins to grow on its own momentum, increasing the value of the dollar, and pegging interest rates at a true market-driven level.

Link: GLOBAL MARKETS-Dollar slides as relief at U.S. debt deal fades

North Korea Full Of Speed Freaks

Originally produced by the government as an export product to China, North Koreans have taken to the drug crystal meth, or methamphetamine. Estimates are between 40-50% of adults are addicted to crystal meth and are now making it in their homes.

That explains a lot when it comes to dealing with North Korea. A cash strapped drug dealer with nuclear capability. Make that, nuclear proliferation capability.

Link: North Korea Grapples With Crystal Meth Epidemic – Korea Real Time – WSJ.

aSide Order

Isn’t it amazing how the politicos in Washington get their shorts in a wad over uniforms for the U.S. olympic team being made in China? Too bad they aren’t as concerned when it comes to borrowing their money.

While the economy slows down, and unemployment is at record levels for a record amount of time, President Obama’s message is revealing more and more of his Marxist philosophy and fascist economic model tendencies when he says  that small business owners did not make their business or make them grow. “If you’re successful in business, you didn’t get there on your own,” he said. That “someone else” he suggests is the government. A defeatist attitude for free-market capitalism and, for America as we know it. And particularly dangerous coming from our president.

As an aside from the debate in Washington about whether or not to raise the debt ceiling, spend less, or balance the budget, there is something else just as ominous to the country and future generations that you should know about.

We all understand that borrowing money has a direct cost to it, the interest rate. Interest rates now are at all-time lows. No problem. When interest rates go back up, big problem.

Sen. Tom Coburn expounds on the “Debt Bomb.” “The problem isn’t that we haven’t agreed, the problem is that we’ve agreed way too much,” explained Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) in a recent interview with The Heritage Foundation. “Otherwise we wouldn’t have trillion-dollar deficits, $16 trillion in debt, and unfunded liabilities of $113-131 trillion.”



Another Diplomatic Disaster For The Unites States

Leave the upcoming military confrontation with Iran aside for a moment. And put Russia and China on the back burner as countries hostile to humanity for condoning Syria’s murdering of their own citizens. Which at the same time highlights the uselessness of the United Nations and its Security Council.

Set that aside for now so you can concentrate on how Muslim Brotherhood-controlled Egypt is sending 19 American NGO (non governmental organization) workers to trial for ‘crimes’ like promoting democracy and human rights and for receiving funds to support them and their mission.

The Muslim Brotherhood used the NGO’s to help overthrow former President Hosni Mubarak. The ‘democracy’ that got rid of Mubarak is no longer needed. Now, they are holding 43 of them prisoner and moving to the oppressive Sharia law.

One of the Americans held captive is Sam LaHood, the son of Secretary of  Transportation Ray LaHood. Sam LaHood is the head of the Egypt office of the Washington-based International Republican Institute.

I don’t attribute any of that as, like Joe Biden had warned, that President Obama will be tested on the international stage. This is a result of a combination of his inexperience, naivety, and his pre-occupation with transforming the United States into some form of government-controlled society where the federal government makes all decisions for you.

Three years ago, then Sen. Joe Biden (D-DE) said . . .

Mark my words. It will not be six months before the world tests Barack Obama like they did John Kennedy.

And they have not stopped.

Makes one wonder if Biden made that statement because he knew what would follow when the top of the ticket is clueless on any subject besides ‘social justice.’

Link: Egypt sends American workers to trial

Where Is The Green Energy Market?

To say that there is no green in the so-called green energy sector is indicative of why that is. It is not because people don’t want a low-cost, in terms of dollars and efficiency, solution to their energy needs. It is because there is no practical market for it yet. Not for Solyndra. Not for BrightSource Energy either.

If Solyndra’s bankruptcy was not a sign of no market in this industry, all you have to do is to look at BrightSource Energy’s registration statement for going public. In their own words, without government money, they can not survive.

We depend heavily on government policies that support renewable energy and enhance the economic feasibility of developing solar energy projects.

They can’t even say that what they want to do can even be done.

Our proprietary technology has a limited history and may perform below expectations when implemented on utility-scale projects.

We use proprietary technology that has not been previously implemented on utility-scale projects of the size and complexity of the Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System, or Ivanpah, and Ivanpah may experience technological problems that neither we nor any of the third-party independent engineers that have reviewed our projects are able to foresee. The systems that we will implement on utility-scale projects include a solar field with heliostats controlled by advanced software systems that concentrate sunlight onto a receiver to produce high-temperature steam. If the implementation of our proprietary technology is unsuccessful, it could negatively impact the successful operation of projects using our systems and may result in additional payments, deductions or defaults under key project documents, including our PPAs or other financing arrangements.

The company’s registration statement is as dismal as anyone could imagine. Scaring away any private-sector investor with no expectation of a government bailout. Except for Robert F. Kennedy, Jr’s. venture capital company,  VantagePoint Partners, the largest investor in BrightSource Energy. BrightSource received a $1.4 Billion loan guarantee from Obama’s Department of Energy.

The lesson to learn is that just because it sounds like a good idea, doesn’t make it worth throwing good money after bad. Regardless of the size of political contributions made to the administration. That, and government can not create a market because it wants to. Markets are created when companies make something they can sell at a profit that customers want.

Contrary to what Obama may think, he is not creating jobs in this country (China, yes) by gambling with the taxpayers money on green energy. With every dollar Obama removes from the private sector, he is killing them.

With his regulations and drilling moratorium, and pipeline rejection, he is killing even more jobs. Kind of makes you wonder about President Obama’s priority. Is it jobs in a free-market economy or jobs in a government controlled economy?