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Conduct Unbecoming A President

Barack Obama, as a candidate, promised to be THE ONE that would unite the country. His administration would be post-partisan and post-racial, he said. It has actually been anything but.

On the never-ending campaign trail, and desperate to reverse the trend that the polls are showing before November 2, President Obama does what he and his party know best. He drops the race card.

Last week, at a rally in Philadelphia, our president said of Republicans . . .

They’re counting on young people staying home and union members staying home and black folks staying home.

Mychal Massie, chairman of the Project 21 black leadership network, says President Obama’s recent playing of the race card is inappropriate for a President and for someone who has publicly professed a desire for a post-racial America.

“Obama’s comments further calcify his commonality, lack of couth, lack of propriety and unworthiness to be president,” said Project 21’s Massie. “Never in the history of this nation has there been a president who so perfectly lacked even the most basic qualifications and social skills pursuant to the office he holds.”

Link: Obama’s Race Taunts Unsuited to the Presidency, Says Project 21 Chairman.

‘Shovel Ready,’ Obama’s ‘Read My Lips’

Couldn’t help but notice the comparison here. Bush 41 made his pledge not to raise taxes with his ‘read my lips’ statement at the 1988 Republican National Convention as he accepted the nomination. He made that case as part of his platform. Similarly, candidate Obama ran on jump starting the economy with ‘shovel ready’ projects. He made the same case in passing the $787 billion porkulus bill. But that’s where the similarity ends. For Obama, there was no time to read the bill. But the money was going to be spent on projects that could start within 90 days, he said.

Aside from Ted Kennedy’s funeral, what other shovel ready jobs were there? Today President Obama says there’s no such thing as ‘shovel ready.’

As for the media reaction. That remains to be seen. You will recall that they skewered Bush 41 after he raised taxes, relentlessly, day after day, front page, above the fold. (Isn’t that what Barack Obama wants to do today? Raise taxes?) All those who think the media will treat Obama the same way, please raise your hand. Be on the lookout for it. I hope I’m wrong but I don’t think you’ll see the same kind of reaction. Even though Obama’s deception put our country into debt for generations to come, I think the media will give him a pass. But come November 2, I doubt the voters will.

Democrats Run Faux Tea Party Candidate

The plan was to siphon off at least 5% of conservative voters from Republican Jon Runyan in New Jersey’s 3rd congressional district.

Congressman John Adler’s campaign and the Camden County Democratic Committee recruited “”NJ Tea Party” candidate Peter DeStefano to confuse conservative voters and hurt Adler’s Republican challenger this fall, Democratic operatives say.

It may not be illegal, but it sure is not an ethical thing to do. Then again, no one has ever accused Democrats of having high moral or ethical standards, nor the willingness to ‘drain the swamp.’

Link: Democrats: Adler campaign backed Tea Party candidate | | Courier-Post.

It Finally Happened, President Obama Wins M.R.I.O.T.D. Award

At a please-don’t-give-up-on-me-and-the-Democrat(ic)-Party rally in Philadelphia yesterday, the President of the United States again berated and bashed the Chamber of Commerce. Accusing the Chamber of Commerce of using foreign monies to defeat Democrats in November. Accusing them of being shills for big business. You know, much like the Soros wing of the party did two years ago to help get him elected.

Right. Accusing the Chamber of Commerce, which represents business, of being a shill for business is like saying Jerry Lewis is a shill for muscular dystrophy, or the Shriners are a shill for burned children, or the Special Olympics is a shill for the handicapped.

What our president doesn’t get, or refuses to get, is that business is capitalism, which produces jobs and revenue in free markets. Conversely, it contracts in less-than-free markets. And holds back investment because of the FUD Factor. This is the direction our president wants to take us. He has already called the Chamber and businesses ‘the enemy.’ Spoken like a true socialist/progressive. For which he gets praise from the far left in his party, currently its main stream.

But here’s the best part, and the reason President Obama wins this award. The New York Times doesn’t even buy it. They noticed that the administration offered no proof of the allegation. And caught between the proverbial rock and a hard place, The White House was forced to admit that they had no evidence. Not surprising for a community organizer-turned president.

The Lunch Counter presents the Most Ridiculous Item Of The Day award to President Barack Obama

Link: The Soros Web and the Spiders Within

Obama Gets The Book Thrown At Him

Well, not The book, but A book. Leave it to the foreign press to tell us that a book was thrown at President Obama at a rally in Philadelphia today.

If you don’t know by now. Philadelphians are tough fans for politicians as well as their sports teams.

There was one jerk there with his clothes off. What?

How many times did you see a shoe being thrown at Bush?

Link: Obama has book thrown at him at Philadelphia rally | Mail Online.

Khavari For Governor YouTube Video

This isn’t a flashy video produced in Hollywood. It’s not funded by the coffers of the DNC or the RNC. And it’s not funded by special interests. Unless by ‘special interests’ you mean you and me and individual citizens around the State of Florida who care as much about Florida as he does. Right, it’s not fancy or flashy. And, it doesn’t attack the character of his opponents nor does it call them evil or criminals. I already did that.

What it does do is show you how sincere candidate Farid Khavari (I) is on helping the State of Florida and its citizens. He details the reason you should vote for him. He doesn’t tell you why you should not vote for someone else. How refreshing!

Isn’t this the kind of person we’ve been looking for to be chief executive of our state? Farid Khavari is the only candidate with an actual plan for the State of Florida that will promote economic recovery and create private sector jobs while making it possible for people to stay in their homes.

Like him, I invite you to go to his website and check out his plan for yourself. Then on November 2, vote for the person you think can deliver for Florida instead of the candidate with the most TV and print exposure. I think you will find that to be Dr. Farid Khavari, Independent candidate for Governor of the State of Florida.

Link: Khavari For Governor

Alex Sink, On ‘Trust’

By any definition of the word,  after reading this piece about Florida’s CFO and gubernatorial candidate Alex Sink’s so-called ‘blind trust,’ would you still trust her as your governor of the State of Florida? Seems to me to be more of the, in this case, good old girl network.

Link: Richardson Assails Sink on Financial Disclosure

No Budget, Just More Fear, Uncertainty, And Doubt

For two years now, starting as a presidential candidate, President Barack Obama has said how creating jobs was going to be his top priority. How he will not rest until everyone who wants a job can get one. Judging by all the vacations he has had, are we supposed to think that he has fixed the economy? With unemployment and home foreclosures at an all time high, I don’t think so.

It’s been a busy week in Washington. While they were spinning their wheels on campaign finance issues and creating faux small business stimulation, they also saw fit to adjourn without passing a budget (so much for that debt commission‘s warning of fiscal cancer, and the now missing 2011 budget) and without dealing with the fact that taxes will be going up come January when the ten-year Bush tax cuts are scheduled to expire.

Congress did manage to extend the FUD Factor indefinitely though.

Businesses are not expanding, growing, or hiring; not because they can’t get loans, but because they are in a business climate right now of fear, uncertainty, and doubt over what the future will bring. And going on recess without dealing with the tax code shows the President’s commitment towards turning the economy around. It’s not there. All his promises were ‘words, just words.’ His priority has not wavered from the politics of remaining a majority party. He could care less about your wallet, your bank account, or that of future generations of Americans.

There is fear over what business or industry is next in line for government intervention or control. The uncertainty of the full effects of Obamacare on businesses, insurance carriers, and their employees. And the doubt that America will remain a free-enterprise, market-driven, capitalistic society for much longer. That’s why businesses are sitting on whatever capital they have. They are hoping that Obama makes a U-turn in his drive towards centralized government control. Or, that we get an adult in The White House who knows something about the Constitution, freedom, and liberty, the pillars of what has made the United States the greatest country in the world in just a couple hundred years.

All the major legislation Obama pushed through his Democrat-controlled Congress was based on the fear of the world coming to an end if it wasn’t passed immediately. It was always an emergency. There was no time to read what was in it.

Seems to me that spreading the FUD factor has become the modus operandi of this administration. And November 2nd can’t some soon enough.