Health Insurance? No Fix For You!

This Obamacare replacement bill proves Republicans bought into the Democrats’ premise of government-controlled and financed health care, and, that it is a “right.” A losing, for everybody, dead in the water proposition. There’s no mention in my copy of the Constitution that a health insurance policy is a right.

The fix is to back up to pre-Obamacare. The only mandate should be that there are no interstate or intrastate barriers to competition between insurance carriers. No mandated coverages, no government-guaranteed customers, no wealth transfer via the tax code.

It took the insurance industry more than a year just to jigger their actuary tables into how they could stay in business under the terms that the ACA was sold to them, complete with the government bailouts, which have now ended; the promises never came to fruition, and the whole mess is collapsing. Likewise, it will take some time for them to adjust them to free-market competition, where the people can buy the kind of insurance and coverage that they want. Patient centered, with their own health savings account that they own.

Link: Republican Obamacare plan signals that liberalism has already won

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