Gay Activists Most Intolerant, Fascists

PC or “politically correct” is just a mushy term for fascism. It means you shouldn’t, or in this case, can’t say or do anything that these activists don’t agree with. And if you do, then you’ll be made to pay for it. With your job, or worse. It’s as if they have their own version of the 1st Amendment. Politically, this is an invention of Saul Alinsky. Instead of debating the issues, you try to shut the opponent up, if not destroy him personally. This is exactly what happened here.

What Brendan Eich, CEO and creator of the popular web browser Mozilla did, was give $1000 to the Proposition 8 initiative in California, in 2008. That was the proposition that Californians approved by an overwhelming majority that said simply, that marriage is between a man and a woman. It was the same position that President Obama had at the same time. It was also what the 9th Circus Court of Appeals overturned.

But unlike Obama, he didn’t change his mind (for campaign cash). And unlike Obama, he didn’t go public and advocate his position. He merely exercised his right to participate affirmatively in the initiative, made a contribution to the cause, and went about his own business.

It was the little fascist hetero-phobic bigots that searched public records to find, then target for persecution, people who contributed to Prop 8.

The reaction from The White House about this is crickets. Any other President of the United States would be the first to publicly condemn that kind of retribution as being not only intolerant, but as an attack on the free speech guarantee of the 1st Amendment. You know, that document he swore on a stack of bibles to protect and defend.

Link: Mozilla CEO Eich resigns after gay-marriage controversy

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