2013 Mummers Parade Online

Just heard from the good folks at PHL17 in Philly. According to Travis Brower, Manager of Production and Promotion . . .

We will be broadcasting the Parade on New Year’s Day on PHL17. We will also stream the event live on PHL17.com beginning at 10am.

New Years Day just isn’t the same without being able to see the Mummers Parade. If you don’t know what the Mummers Parade is, you can check out the videos from 2012 HERE. For those familiar with Mardi Gras, the Mummers Parade is where the people sort of ARE the floats, instead of riding on them.

Kudos to PHL17 for being faithful broadcasters of the Mummers Parade.

Live Stream 2013 Mummers

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