Logic? Of The Anti-Gun Lobby

And by ‘Lobby’ I mean most of the media and lefty talk-radio. It’s about calling names and using hyperbole for measures that no one is advocating. It’s what the Left does. Not necessarily democrats. Just those that hold this ‘ban all guns’ and ‘ban assault weapons’ agenda.

For example . . .

It’s not just the ranters on the left, like MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell, who recently called National Rifle Association chief Wayne LaPierre “the lobbyist for mass murderers.” O’Donnell is a controversialist who says things like that all the time. So is CNN’s Piers Morgan, who told the Gun Owners of America chief Larry Pratt, “You are an unbelievably stupid man” and “You shame your country.”

And . . .

when a Republican congressman, Georgia’s Jack Kingston, argued on MSNBC recently that tough gun control laws haven’t prevented mass shootings in some European countries, the network’s anchor, Thomas Roberts, responded, “So, we need to just be complacent in the fact that we can send our children to school to be assassinated?”

semi-auto-rifleThen there’s Lefty talker Stephanie Miller and the Media Matters crowd that say, in response to NRA President Wayne LaPierre’s suggestion that there be a police presence in schools, (like we have here in Pensacola, FL, they are called ‘resource officers’),  “oh sure, like we can afford to have a cop in every classroom.” Nobody suggested a cop for every classroom. Proving that the Left will say whatever they need to say if it will advance their agenda. The facts don’t matter.

There are ways to save lives without banning guns. Do away with so-called ‘gun-free’ zones and get real with lawful ‘concealed carry.’ It’s already against the law for a mentally unstable person to buy a gun. But clearly, improvements can be made in the mental health field if it weren’t for the ACLU. Groups like them advocate for part of the Constitution. Not all of it. Make punishment meaningful for crimes committed with guns. A bad person with a gun can be stopped by a good person with a gun. Whether the good person wears a badge or a pocket protector, lives of fellow citizens can be protected.

Unregistered Vehicle & Trailer Exception

As an update to this post, Where Rules Of The Road Are Not, there is an exception, a ‘seasonal’ exception to who can drive unregistered motor vehicles and trailers on Florida’s public highways. Call it a carve-out for BIG DELIVERY if you wish, because it only applies to delivery services that employ 10,000 employees or more in the State of Florida.

As far as I can tell, there is no exception for landscapers during the peak growing season.

Title XXIII Chapter 316, Florida Motor Vehicle Statute

That such a statute exists came as a surprise to me, as I’m sure it is to you. A surprise to me because it contradicts what both the Pensacola Police dispatcher and Traffic department had said weeks earlier.

A special ‘thank you’ to Pensacola Police Officer M. Dupois. She took the time to reference the above statue. The vehicle pictured in the above referenced post does show a discrepancy with the statue however:

Seasonal delivery personnel may pull a trailer from any of these vehicles.

(c)All vehicles specified in this subsection must be:

1.Marked in a conspicuous manner with the name of the delivery service.

But why be picky with “Santa” on a 4-wheeler?