Obama Raising Taxes

In 2010, the last time “the Bush tax cuts” were scheduled to expire (remember the Democrat-controlled congress wouldn’t pass those tax rates into law unless they were ‘temporary?’) President Obama said that raising taxes during a recession would be counter-productive to any recovery. A correct statement. So the bill was extended two years. Notice too how tax cuts expire and tax increases don’t.

Now two years later and in another campaign season, his stump speech is that it was those “Bush tax cuts for the rich” that caused our economic trouble. That, and his claiming ignorance. Ignorance that the economy was so bad that he and his advisers did not know how bad things were. You’ve heard it. It’s all Bush’s fault.

Today Obama wants to keep the tax rates for the ‘middle class.’ Have you noticed how this president calls the Bush tax cuts as “tax cuts for the rich?” The fraud he is perpetrating on the American people is that the Bush tax cuts were tax cuts for EVERYONE, including the middle class. Sans the class warfare.

The ‘class warfare tactic’ demands that they be called tax cuts for the rich, and, it is Obama who is going to give the middle class a tax cut. The reality is the tax rates that Bush signed were tax cuts for the middle class too! Obama likes those, and wants to own them.

The only way Barack Obama can get away with this fraud is the legacy media will allow him to get away with it.

How’s this explanation work for you? ‘It was those tax cuts that caused the economy and jobs to tank. That’s why I want to extend them.’

I don’t know how President Obama sleeps at night when he continues to lie to us to advance his agenda. He does it because it works on the ‘less informed.’ Or as Boortz refers to them, the ‘dumb masses.’ It’s unfortunate for America that Community Organizer Barack Obama can’t be honest about it. And he deserves to be re-elected for that?