Obama’s 2012 Campaign

Four years ago, President Obama had no record to run on besides Hope and Change. Four years later, after stimulus spending that did not work and a health care law that is illegal, a proposed budget plan that makes deficit spending the norm with no path to bring the budget into balance, President Obama still has no record to run on.

Obama’s campaign is left with attacking the court, being community organizer to the dumb masses, and attacking Republicans for coming up with a budget that eventually brings deficits down to a balance condition in 28 years by characterizing Republicans as foisting draconian cuts on (wait for it) the backs of the poor.

Truth is, this administration doesn’t have the will or the way to return fiscal and budgetary sanity to the government.


Presidential, Or Community Organizer, You Decide

The President’s unloading on the Supreme Court Monday, before any decision on his Affordable Health Care Act has been announced, was very un-presidential. You could argue that he should know better than to act that way, but, he has done it before in public. At the 2010 SOTU show over a campaign finance decision in Citizens United v. United States.

Yes, he missed a teachable moment as a ‘constitutional’ attorney. Instead of sitting at his Oval Office desk, giving the American people the confidence that our system of government, big and slow as it is, is working on settling everyone’s concern about the constitutionality of Obamacare1,  President Obama acted more like the community organizer he is than the president he should be. He, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY), and leading Democrats employed veiled threats and intimidation to try to effect the Supreme Court’s decision, and at the same time, rile up half the country against the Supreme Court, and against the other half of the country. It’s what community organizers do on a country level.

From all the whining and imputing comments from our President over the Court’s decision, expected to be announced at the conclusion of their session in June, makes one wonder if he hasn’t already been tipped off as to how the court voted?

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1 President Obama’s signature piece of legislation that was more important (to him) to enact than creating jobs and our economic recovery.