Carbonite Reverses Self, No Refunds For Political Reasons

Remember this from Carbonite Customer Service? About five weeks ago, when I cancelled my Carbonite subscription and asked for a refund, Carbonite Customer Service replied affirmatively . . .

Also because it has been less then 60 days since your renewal We will also process a refund request for you when the account verification as been received from you.

After having not received the refund they said I was entitled to, my follow-up inquiry produced this from Carbonite . . .

After reviewing your account information, it has been determined that you are outside of our return policy.

It seems there must have been a lot of people wanting a refund, because I submitted my request on the day the news broke about Carbonite bailing from Rush, and I never got the refund. Even though it was within their 60-day so-called trial period, my request along with who knows how many others, was held in a queue to ultimately go no where. In my phone conversation with them about their reneging on the refund, I was told that “they don’t give refunds for political reasons.” Funny, my reason for the refund was given in my first communication, the reply to which is quoted above.

So not only is Carbonite a bad corporate citizen. They don’t stand behind their word either.

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