Obama’s Jobs Plan, WPA v2.0

If you missed the president’s address to the joint session of congress last night, here’s the short version. He wants to spend a half trillion dollars more, ostensibly believing that what didn’t work the last time, and the time before that, will work this time. To build roads, bridges, and infrastructure.

Is the country suffering from amnesia? That’s what the first $785 billion so-called stimulus bill was supposed to have been used for.  And it wasn’t. And we are just supposed to ignore the failure of his plan and the fraud that it was?

What President Obama’s problem is, well, aside from not having a clue about capitalism and free-market economics, is that he is a victim of FDR syndrome. His only plan is to spend money on temporary make-work projects (remember that shovel-ready pitch?) while waiting for the economy to rebound. Recovering from the worst economy since the Great Depression is a “slow process,” the president said. Like the WPA, the economy would improve faster if the president would just get government out of the way. It’s like the WPA version 2.0.

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2 thoughts on “Obama’s Jobs Plan, WPA v2.0”

  1. To say, like you and the administration say, that it stopped things from getting worse is all that you can say about it. None of the ‘stimulus’ spending happens in a vacuum either. The interest Armageddon still looms over us from the debt that The One and his Democrat controlled Congress created. That’s one.

    Number two is that The One said, ‘pass this now’ otherwise unemployment will go beyond eight percent. So beyond today’s excuse that it stopped the bleeding, which it hasn’t, his strategy was wrong. It failed.

    We would have been better off now if he had done nothing. And until he does something to eliminate the FUD factor, we as a country, are going nowhere.

    Only question for me is, how long will it take Obama, if ever, to admit that his strategy isn’t working? The answer is, never.

    I won’t comment on your condecending ‘child’ and ‘stupid’ reference. It is what most libs do. Oh, I guess I just did.

  2. “”Nariman Behravesh, IHS Global Insight’s chief economist, has a nice way of summarizing what the bill did (and, to some extent, didn’t) do: “It prevented things from getting much worse than they otherwise would have been. I think everyone would have to acknowledge that’s a good thing.”””

    – the bill did help, the bill was needed. Of course, like a child, you see it as black and white.

    The republicans will do everything possible to stop job growth so that obama will loose. Whether they will succeed will depend on if the american public is as stupid as you are.

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