Union Fight In Wisconsin Gets Settled Today

Wisconsin goes to the polls today. Six recall elections will be decided. All against Republican state senators who supported Walker’s bill curbing collective bargaining rights for most public union employees.

The sore-loser drive has brought BIG LABOR dollars and rent-a-mobs to try to ultimately repeal the reforms that Governor Scott Walker enacted by harassing their way to regain a Democrat majority again.

Ed Schultz is there, the rent-a-mob is there. Well, about 300 people who sound like a studio audience is there. He claims they are there to fight for the middle class, but they are there to support BIG LABOR. Actually, it is a fight to keep the state from going broke and avoid big layoffs.

You will remember the tough time Walker had in getting the state house to get his reform bill voted on because the Democrat senators fled the state. I don’t see the vote going against what the people in Wisconsin already voted for. I could be wrong, but I doubt it.

Link: Walker Union Fight Intensifies as Wisconsin’s Recalls Threaten Republicans – Bloomberg.

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