House Votes To Defund ObamaCare

To quote Peter Robinson at Richochet, ‘I have lived to hear the first shots of the revolution.’

In a remarkable afternoon of floor activity, House Republicans voted to defund ObamaCare on Friday, starving the program of federal funds through the end of 2011. Republican congressman Denny Rehberg of Montana, whose amendment killed the ObamaCare funding, declared that “Today’s vote is the latest victory for the American public and our country in preventing the disastrous ObamaCare law from forever damaging our health care system and hampering job creation,” and hailed Republican efforts as saving “billions of wasted funding while opening the door to true health care reform that reduces costs and improves access.”

In fact today was a veritable two-fer. In helping President Obama live up to his words that the federal government won’t be paying for any abortions, the funding for Planned Parenthood was also dropped.

Oh but wait. There’s pee in the punchbowl. WTF


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