Obama's Education Two-Step

Unless you’ve been in a coma lately, a lot of people are up in arms over President Obama making an address to school students. I feel obligated to weigh in.

As amended, I don’t see a problem with the president urging kids to pay attention, do their work, and stay in school. All kids need to get that message. The sorry thing is, and what people are upset about, is that Obama made an attempt to capture this audience for a political purpose. It started out to be a community organizer’s wet dream. But as amended, it’s a good thing.

That our education system is failing our children really becomes obvious when you look at SAT scores.

I remember JFK putting out a message to school kids and schools that emphasized physical fitness. It wasn’t on TV in our classroom, but it was directed to the students. It wasn’t a political message, it was a good message, and the schools and kids responded positively. And anything that Obama can do to motivate kids to excel (or at least graduate) would be good.

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